Thursday, July 7, 2016

Apologies ALL Around

A couple of days ago Lisa posted a rant on her Facebook page about a blog that made her feel horrible about herself. I don't know if it was this blog or not, but even the remote chance that it is, I don't like it. If it is this blog that makes Lisa feel that horrible about herself then I owe her a HUGE apology. No, I don't like the double message that Lisa sends with the diet and exercise advice but then undergoes the knife and injections, but my opinions weren't meant to be hurtful. I guess they were. And I am sorry for that. 
I've said it before and I will say it again: Lisa has a heart of gold. And Lisa if you're reading this, my sincerest apologies. You do have a heart of gold and you truly motivate people all over the world. You get many people off the couch and into great shape. Lots of people out there love you for it. You inspire people EVERY day. You took over for Zuzka and stuck it out where many hosts came and went. There is only ONE Lisa. You have some strong supporters out there. I love watching you workout.

Secondly, Mr(s) Unknown has left me some disconcerting comments about this blog.
I would take him or her a bit more seriously if they didn't hide behind the name Unknown, but they did make some valid points. A bit far-fetched and I don't agree with all of it, and I would never have thought of my comments as cyber-bullying, but even if one person took it that way, then I need to apologize again.
HOWEVER - I don't think Unknown is Unknown at all - s/he clearly and obviously have a 'known' interest in BR, but so be it. S/he has made some negative comments about Zuzka - so it's even more obvious, but again, so be it.
"Unknown" - you made all the bad points. You could've made the good ones too. It goes both ways, so don't be hypocritical. (I know that's gonna set you off, so take a deep breath). And Freedom of Speech does NOT have to be fair.
Besides, if you dislike this blog so much, go comment on a blog you DO like.
I'll always remember the 'Howard Stern' phenomenon: he gets more listeners from people who hate him, than people who like him. Weird, but true.

But - with all that being said I HAVE been unfair.

Also, my apologies to Zuzka. I give little snippets of her workouts, and I guess it's not really fair either. Please join her ZGym and pay her the $10 a month she is owed.
Granted not all of us have the $10 a month to spend on her ZGym, I get that. There is plenty of free content from her on her YouTube channel. It does seem (?) she has promised more free workouts (they might be coming) than she has delivered, but that is her choice, and again in America - Capitalism does not have to be fair. I hope she is fair as she has MANY loyal and long time followers who made her who she is today - and a few of you have pointed out that her customer service is seriously lacking. I've seen some of her responses online to folks who comment, and I agree - her lack of professionalism at times blows my mind. But I'll let you all be the judge. She is a huge inspiration to many of us and will continue to deliver a great service, no doubt. She has inspired many of us to try things like pistols, fancy push-ups, burpees. pull-ups, etc, etc. 

For those of you who commented about me remarking on the trainer's bodies - COME ON! Like the trainers on BR.TV and Zuzka didn't get plastic surgery to get perfect bodies. Like their bodies don't sell their services and products? Like they don't flaunt their bodies? Why would we want to workout like them if we didn't want to look like them?  If they don't want us to talk about their bodies, then cover them up! No one said you can't deliver hard core workouts in T-shirts and shorts. Don't believe me? Check out Nia Shanks.

I just assumed that Lisa (and Zuzka for that matter) would have a much thicker skin after being in the industry for so long. I assumed wrong. There's the old expression about assume - ass out of u and me? Right? Lol.

Again - anyone I have hurt (and especially Lisa) - I AM SORRY. For those of you who always see the positive - good for you. The glass is always half full.

My youngest daughter (she is only 5) is having surgery tomorrow so I guess I'm looking at things differently.  I'm offline until her surgery is over.

Thanks for reading, and Happy bodyrock-ing, Zgym-ing or whatever it is you do!


  1. I don't think you need to apologize for what you've wrote before. It's just your opinion and it doesn't mean the truth. Nothing you ever said was so bad for that kind of rant from Lisa. She MUST have been talking about some other blog or she is wayyyy too sensitive.
    I enjoy reading your posts even though I don't agree with some of it. Like I said, it's just your thoughts and that's what this blog about. Keep at it

  2. Hi Gina, I have been following your blog for a while and what annoys me sometimes it's that you keep repeating that f.ex. Zuzka's legs are shorter so it's easier for her to do jumps. It seems like you under-rate Zuzka's level of fitness at some point. Or once you were telling that you don't like her legs cause they are short. As I am also a short person, it annoys me, cause we didn't choose to be little and we can't do anything about it. So let's say that I don't like you criticising the aspects we really cannot control (like body type). BUT having said all that, I DO think you have right to say whatever you think. Even if sometimes it's annoying (to me) but it's YOUR blog. It's YOUR place. You really stay a positive person, you not only criticise but you keep saying positive things as well, I like the fitness-related articles you share with us. You never bullied anyone, you just notice Lisa's or Zuzka's constant changes. BR should make up their mind about rather "accepting yourself" or "how to be sexy (with not natural boobs)". I had to stop following BR on fb cause their pics were just too sexual, I was ashamed of opening my fb page in someone's presence. People are not stupid and see what's happening, BR can block some comments on their website but don't they dare blocking your site! They are bullies with all this "haters gonna hate" - criticism is not hate! OK, when you criticise someone's body shape, something we cannot change, maybe it's not nice but you, Ginda, always do it in an acceptable way. But constant surgery jobs or diet or style are someone's choices, they should be accepted but they may be commented on! This is speech of freedom! Don't enter on this blog if you think the content would not please you!
    I am sorry if my comment is chaotic but I have just read the comments of Mr. "Unknown", it just sounds like hypocrytical Freddie and encouraged me to leave my first comment on this site!
    So, in a nutshell, keep doing what you do, it's YOUR blog! I hope your daughter is OK! Cheers!

    1. Cheers to you too! Thx for the comments, and thanks, my daughter is home now - already playing. She'll be as good as new in a few days. :)

  3. Lisa needs to get over herself. She got elective surgery, not necessary surgery. Her boobs did look ridiculous. They look better. Her facial procedures, well, if she can't deal with the fact that she looks like she's wearing a kabuki mask, she should lay off the fucking maintenance. Whatever. You remark on the elective stuff, and could be a little more tactful, or maybe just make a post or two and let it go, but honestly, we all see the changes. I find it counter to the message too, esp since it's so in your face. If she really owned it, she wouldn't have made the rant, and this is from someone who also admires her. But you point out the great things about her while also viewing BR through a critical lens. You can still appreciate and be inspired by someone or something and still find fault with them. If they can't deal with it, then whatever. If she really owned it, she wouldn't have ranted aboutabout how "you" made her feel bad. You didn't make her get surgery. Too bad for her.

    Don't censor yourself. You're fine.

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  5. Hi Gina
    As you saw in the last post, I would defend you forever as long as you stay the way you are now. You ALWAYS state it is your poinion on everything and always offer alternatives, when you arent pleased with their workouts etc.
    I do agree with A.Pod that it really annoys me, that you contribute ALL Z's ability to do what she does her short legs - it is NOT a party (I look like a sausage mated with a midget), and besides her legs are NOT bulky (those posts kill my selfesteem, because if people feel like that about Z, then i look like a pregnant hippo)
    With Lisa I would never think badly about her if her surgery was necesary! With enhancement surgery EVERYBODY can comment and it does make her look less professional ESPECIALLY the facials. She used to look like she had cement on her chest, and now she looks like she is wearing a clay mask. That is it. If you cant deal with it, dont go here to read. No one forces her or anybody too

  6. I enjoy this blog. It's a sharing of opinions and ideas, which is what a blog should be. Nobody has to agree with everything that is said - that's the beauty of life and free speech!
    To get upset over everything that's said is just silly. You aren't attacking anyone, and for any negative you do say, you follow it up with something positive.
    It's unfortunate she feels attacked and whatnot, but she does have to expect some critism when she puts herself out there the way she has. Also, she certainly doesn't have to read this blog or pay any attention to it.
    Anyway, you have plenty of support here. Reading this blog will continue to be part of my daily routine. I enjoy the exchange of ideas here.

  7. Same here, I do enjoy reading your blog and comments when they are about the gym aspect. When you get too personal, I don't enjoy it. Zuzka & Lisa ARE real people and I guess there is always a way of stating your opinions without hurting anyone...I'm following Zuzka (I left BR because of Freddy's personal comments on Zuzka)and I like Lisa, both because of their professional expertise and they way they motivate people into exercising...I really don't care about their personal lives (surgery, no surgery, divorce, no divorce...) and I don't think you should either!