Saturday, June 4, 2016

Zuzka's Latest 12 Minute Body Workout #5, Eating Ice Cream, and BR.TV Is Having A Buy One Get One FREE Weighted Vest

Zuzka's released her latest workout this morning - her 12 minute body #5, which is quite similar to #4 - it also has 4 exercises, and 2 of them are the SAME exercises!!! She repeats the commando push-ups and the bird dog. Hmmm....
But instead of the squats she does prisoner get ups and split jumps. And why was she sweating before the workout began?

Workout Breakdown
1. Commando Push up x 12 alt. legs
2. Prisoner get up x 12
3. Split Jump x 10
4. Bird dog x 10
I saw this pic of Z on her FB page. Did anyone else beside me wonder if she actually eats the ice cream or if she just posed for the pic? 

BR.TV is having a buy one get one free weighted vest all weekend long in case you are interested. I'm not actually interested in the vest. I find a lot of the exercises hard enough without the vest, and anything I would want to use the vest with, I would want more than 6 lbs, but that's just me. I find that burpees with a vest annoying and it is overdoing it on the shoulders. weighted pull-ups on the other hand I would love, but need more than 6 lbs. Same thing for weighted step-ups - I need more than 6 lbs. Regardless, the buy one get one free is a fantastic deal. Check it out! 


  1. Have nothing to do with the topic but websie says you posted this in 3.56AM ? Did you?😄

    1. NO WAY! Lol! I think it was time stamped PST, but I am in EST, so it was 6:56 am. :)