Wednesday, June 1, 2016

12 Minute Body #4, No Warrior Wednesday Surprise This Week? Zuzka Recants About Her Makeup Complaint

OK, Zuzka released her 12 Minute Body yesterday - #4. 

Workout Breakdown
12 Minute AMRAP
1. Squat jump jack x 20
2. Commando Push Up x 10
3. Sumo Jump Squat Leg lift x 20 alt.
4. Bird Dog x 20 alt.
I did 3 full rounds and all the reps in the first two exercises.

Zuzka went through this routine super fast I thought and got a lot done in 12 minutes. I liked this one better than her other ones so far. I great one to get your heart rate up. I cannot by any means squat as fast as Zuzka. I've got more leg, so I've got more inches to squat down and come back up than she does. I'm only have way done with one squat by time she's squeaked out 2. Hahaha.

I also noticed that there is no Warrior Wed surprise this week. I am not sure if it was because she was in Prague or if she is not doing them anymore? Z has an older workout posted instead for today - still only 12 minutes, and it is with a jump rope and Kettlebell:

Workout Breakdown
2. One Arm Swing L
5. Vertical Clean to Overhead Squat – L
6. High Knees
7. Snatch – R
8. Snatch – L
2 rounds
12 Min Hiit 30/10 second intervals

Zuzka also recanted a bit about her makeup complaint/rant on FB the other day: 

‪#‎photoshoot‬ from ‪#‎Bratislava‬ ‪#‎Slovakia‬ I had to put my tank top on inside out because of the ‪#‎guess‬ logo. I was complaining about the ‪#‎makeup‬ in my previous video but it actually looks good on pictures. I just felt like a clown when I saw myself in the mirror 😆‪#‎zuzkalight‬ 

Being in the industry as long as she has she should be well aware of how much makeup you need in a photo-shoot. I know she is used to doing her own makeup - and it typically looks great. I think at times she looks a bit washed out and could use more for the camera, but then again she is just working out. 
I believe she is back from Prague now - maybe she will post a food journal soon. I wonder how the hell she keeps on track with the plane rides, hotel stays, etc, etc. I know I have a really hard time with that. There's only so many choices - and when I'm hungry, I eat! 

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  1. When she was with BR her makeup always looks good. Sometimes she should do her makeup like in the old BR times