Monday, June 6, 2016

A Boring Week From Zuzka? No Food Journal (Updated - Her Traveling FOOD Journal), THREE 12 Minute Body Workouts, No Wed Surprise, BUT Traveling Workout Tips Coming This Week

Here is Zuzka's Latest Workout Schedule: 

  • Monday

    12 Minute Body #1 (Beat Your Personal Best)
  • Tuesday

    12 Minute Body #6 (New in ZGYM)
  • Wednesday

    Summer Shred #5 (Beat Your Personal Best)
  • Thursday

    15 Minute Fat Burn #2 (beat your personal best)
  • Friday

    5 Minute Workout #78 (new in Fitness)
  • Saturday

    12 Minute Body #7 (New in ZGYM)
  • Sunday

    Power Yoga #53 (New in ZGYM)
Too many of her 12 Minute Body Workouts - IMO. 
Looks like her Wed Surprise Workouts are gone. 
No Food Journal again.

UPDATED! Her Traveling Food Journal. I sure eat a lot worse on my vacations! LOL. Man, this woman needs to live a little.



The past two weeks were completely out of the ordinary for me. Normally I follow a daily routine that keeps me consistent with healthy eating and exercise habits as you already know. Vacation is different for me, because let’s be honest – if you really want to eat healthy, it does require a certain amount of discipline and effort. If your routine is majorly disrupted, it’s pretty hard to stick to your super healthy lifestyle. That’s only one side of the coin. The other side is that when you’re on vacation…let me rephrase that. When I’m on vacation, I want to enjoy myself and if there’s not a healthy option available, oh well. I follow just very basic rules:
  1. At least a 5 minute workout a day. I kept myself in shape with only 5 minute long workouts in Czech, because there was just no time for anything.
  2. I drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  3. If I order a meal that I would normally eat only after my workout, I stick to a small portion. No binging.
I haven’t kept a day in day out food journal, because it was my vacation and I just wanted to completely turn off, but here are pictures of some of the meals I had enjoyed.
Airplane food – egg omelette with tomatoes and deep fried potatoes. I only ate the omelette, tomatoes and fruit salad.

3 Eggs in a glass – this was probably my favorite breakfast. I liked the food and the atmosphere in the Prague’s restaurant. I had the eggs with parmesan, small salad and half of that croissant with a home made strawberry marmalade.

Caprese Salad – one of my favorites. Just a burrata or mozzarella cheese with fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil and balsamic.

Beef Carpaccio – also one of my favorite appetizers.

Chicken Caesar Salad – my go to, when I don’t see anything I like on the menu.

Deep Fried Cheese – I had this meal all the time growing up. I had to have it and I had absolutely no regrets.

Champagne – I didn’t drink a lot, but often 🙂 It was nice to have a glass or two with my friends and Jesse whenever I wanted. I don’t do that very often in my day to day life.

Nachos – I really like nachos a lot, but I’m used to really good Mexican food. Los Angeles is probably one of the best places to have amazing nachos. I loved all the meals I had in Czechia except for the Mexican food and this was one of the best Mexican restaurants in Prague.

Mango Margarita – the food in that Mexican restaurant wasn’t that great, but they did make use amazing cocktails.

Veggies – I didn’t have a lot of veggies, because there just wasn’t always the option, but when I had a choice I went for an entire plate peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, you name it.
Dumplings – You can’t go to the Czech Republic and not order dumplings. It would be a crime, and I don’t want any trouble 🙂 Of course I didn’t eat the entire plate. I had about 1/2 of the portion and a glass of a really nice red wine.

Train food – There weren’t too many options when we were on the train to Bratislava. I went for the meat with potatoes, because everything else was deep fried and gross.

Hotel Breakfast in Bratislava – I did my best to pick some of the healthiest options from the buffet.

Spagetti – This was in Prague in a very small restaurant right by the river. Delicious!

Banana – my post workout snack.

Pizza – Jesse and I had this pizza at 5 in the morning right by the Charles bridge. It was fun.

Fancy Fish – We wen’t to a fancy restaurant and I ordered this fish. No clue what type of fish, but it was damn good.

Trdelnik – Tou may not be familiar with this East-European pastry. It’s on every corner in downtown Prague and it’s a real treat. You have to have it when you’re there. It’s a rule, just like the dumplings 🙂

Tea – I haven’t seen any tea shops here in Los Angeles. In Prague it’s common. I love tea and I really enjoy tasting different kinds of tea from different parts of the world. This one was called Malaysian Tiger – it had a very light coconut flavor and it was served with coconut flakes on the side to intensify the aftertaste.

Apple Strudel – I grew up on this dessert. We used to eat it for breakfast as kids quite often. We ate a lot of sugary desserts when we were kids actually. No wonder I had such problems with my teeth is such a young age and cellulite when I was only 15 years old. I’m glad I cut out the sugar from my diet, but it’s ok to enjoy a piece of strudel on your vacation. Just for the memories.

Coffee – I had a lot of coffee. I love coffee and Costa is one of my favorite places to go when I’m in Prague.

Chicken or pasta? – Classic choice in any long flight. I went for the chicken with polenta and tomato sauce.

Home sweet home – This vacation was fun, but not exactly relaxing. It’s nice to be home and back with my healthy eating habits.

She did post this on her FB page: 
I was keeping myself in shape with 5 minute intense workouts on my work trip/vacation, because there wasn't time for anything else. The best exercise equipment to travel with is my ‪#‎jumprope‬ and power band. It's compact and it fits even into a small bag. There are endless ways to workout when you travel... I will share some tips on my YouTube channel this Wednesday. ‪#‎zuzkalight‬ ‪#‎ZGYM‬

So look out for her tips on Wed. I am curious because tho I do not have a hard time working out when I travel, I do with food, I need my own kitchen or I'm so out of sorts, and do not make the best food decisions, especially if I'm hungry and tired. 

Also, notice this pic here of Z without all that make-up? Though she still looks really good, all that make-up made her look much better on camera. With the bright lights you need it. That's why they even put make-up on men, Lol. 

Hopefully with a week back from vacation Z has more to offer us next week with workouts and a Food Journal. :)


  1. she posted "food journal" actually

  2. One boring week once in a while it's not bad! She still have so many workouts in the Zgym or on YT.
    BR have more than a month as a boring one, no new workouts and if I try to find the good ones on their website, it's impossible. BR is more an infocommercial those days... Sad

  3. While her food journal has still been quite healthy, the big difference here are the portion sizes. She seems to stick with tiny portions, so for her to have normal portion sizes (for the EU, at least) is quite a big step. But I also get it: this is her job, and A LOT of people like and admire her lean look (got me interested in her). I know you think she doesn't finish all the food she posts photos of, but I actually think she does. When you live in a foreign country and don't know when you get to go home next, you really savour eating food from your culture/childhood.

    1. Also, I was really hoping she'd do a new Summer Shred series this year. Some of the routines from last year are excellent. Too bad.