Tuesday, June 7, 2016

12 Minute Body Workout #6 by Zuzka, Are You FIT? And What About Zuzka Recipes?

I love this workout!

Workout Breakdown
1. Competition Burpee to Rockstar Jump x 10
2. Roll back to jump lunge x 10
3. Dive bomber push up x 10
4. Crab toe touch x 20
She did 2 rounds and 4 reps of exercise #2

This one is a little bit different than most of her workouts these days and a bit harder. What did you guys think? I love dive bombers, and I love the roll backs, and tho she over does burpees and jump lunges, at least there is a different twist on them. :)

Z had this to say about her 12 minute workouts:

These short bodyweight workouts are seriously kicking my butt. Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of how fit you actually are and I am telling you, if you can go through this routine without pausing the video, you’re damn fit. You may not be a pro athlete but you’re already fitter than then majority of the population. I have worked out with many people in my life and not many of them can keep up with these workouts. That said, I don’t want to make anyone here who has trouble keeping up with me feel bad. Quite the opposite. I’d like to encourage you to keep going with your training because you’re already trying way harder than majority of the population. You’re already way further ahead than most people.
The reason why most people in your neighborhood or work are not in shape is because they’re not trying. You can either be a baby and keep complaining or making excuses or you can act like an adult and take some responsibility for your own fitness. I’m not saying it’s easy. The best things in life are not easy to acquire. It will always take time and effort. Welcome to the adult hood. You will spend most of your time doing something you’re not excited about, but all that effort will result in moments of gratitude and happiness. Try your best to have fun with your training!!

GEEZ, Zuzka. I am not sure that you are DAMN Fit by going through these workouts, but Zuzka definitely is. 
I also think it depends on your definition of fitness. I have a friend who can run marathons , but she cannot do a single push-up or touch her toes. Is she fit? 
I am not sure than I could beat Z in this 12 minute routine, but I can deadlift more than twice my bodyweight, squat at least my bodyweight, do 10 pull-ups, and at least 4 push-ups with a 35 lb plate on my back. Am I not fit because I cannot do the 12 minute workouts as fast as she can?
I know a lot of people who simply don't like to jump, so cannot do her type of workouts, but are fit in other ways. 
What are you guys thinking of her recipes lately? I'm not loving them. WAY TOO HIGH in dairy - IMO. Dairy is not all that good for you. I'm not a fan, but that's me. I asked her for recipes with less dairy in them. I'd rather eat carbs than dairy. 
Her Low Carb Angel Food Cake has a Cup of Heavy Cream in it - which is not that bad if you only eat one piece. But it also has 8 eggs, lots of oil and lots of nuts. It is high in fat and calories. 
Her Low Carb Crepes is just about ALL dairy:
2 oz cream cheese
1/4 cup heavy cream
2 large eggs
3 tbsp powdered sugar substitute (Swerve – I buy it in Whole Foods or at Thrive Market)
2  tbsp butter for sautéing
1 cup fresh sliced strawberries
Do any of you make her recipes? 


  1. I think her workouts are amazing I mean not all the time but, sometimes it looks so easy but when you do it you understand what it is. Maybe its not heavy weights but our muscles dont grow more with more weight. Think about power lifter vs bodybuilder who has more muscles? Who can be faster who is fitter? I think zuzka's jumping around stuff' is effective. The only problem is her diet. She has to eat the smallest portions to keep herself lean. But she can eat way more I mean wayyyy moreee. Because of doing 1-2 High Intesity workout+ hours of practiceing skills lot of handstands walking in city swimming and lots of activity that she's doing everyday. She thinks she is sedentary but its just 2-3 hours of sitting and editing videos she is very active, but she still have yo eat less because of following such a high fat diet, and she eats caloric dense foods which makes even less portions to eat less calories

  2. By the way how much jump lunge in every set of roll backs?

  3. What happened to Jacqui Light? Is she stiil married to Sean? I can't find her BR page no more and I saw on IG that she brings back her first name Jacqui Beyer.

    1. She's gone back to Jacqui Beyer on her personal Facebook page too. I just searched her. Odd!

    2. Very odd, but her FB page still has a BR.TV pic of her on there with 'bodyrock' labeled on it, and she has huge pics of her and Sean together all over her personal page.
      BR.TV still has all her videos of The Daily HIIT show posted. I'm not sure why she changed her name back or why her BR.TV FB page was taken down.

    3. She wrote on her Instagram that she wouldn´t do any new Bodyrock workouts in the future and also that she was going back home to California. All those pictures with Sean are from March, so it really seems that something bad happened.

    4. Just confirms what I've always thought of the Light brothers.

    5. WOW, they were not married for even a year! I wonder if Jacqui would be willing to share her story - or maybe she's not even allowed to.
      Either way, I hope she does her own thing and comes out with her own series of workouts.