Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jacqui Light From BR.TV and The Daily HIIT Show is Now Jacqui Beyer - Is She Getting A Divorce From Sean Light?

OK, I know some of you have been making comments about Jacqui's status.

Her BR.TV Facebook page has been taken down.
She has changed her name everywhere to Jacqui Beyer.

On Instagram, she has posted that she will no longer being doing workouts for BR.TV - she actually posted 'unfortunately no.'
She also posted that she is moving back to California.

I am not sure what happened or what all that means. She did not take down any of the pics of her and Sean on FB, but maybe you can't remove already posted pics?

Just as recently as May 16th, Sean posted a video of himself with Jacqui on FB doing a promotion, so something happened recently, and bad enough to make her back her bags and move far away!

Jacqui does checkout this blog, so if she wants to share her story, I know many of us would love to hear it. (LMK Jacqui) If not, we get it!

I am hoping she does her own thing now - she would get many followers. If you check her out on IG, you can see some mini workouts there that look pretty tough!

So far I think Lisa is the longest lasting host....... but she is also an owner, and she lives half way across the world for half the year, and she is not married to Freddy, so perhaps that's the secret. LOL.

Wishing Jacqui the best though. I loved watching her on The Daily HIIT Show. Lets see what she has coming in the future.


  1. Wishing Jacqui all the best, too. She has a great personality, seemed very genuine and I enjoyed her routines.

  2. I watched some of Jacqui's gym workouts on her IG and will be incorporating them into my workouts as well! Girlfriend is tough but sweet -- illest combination there is :) Wishing her the best -- I will be following whatever she does <3

  3. I just want to say thank you Gina, Liz, Laurie and a number of your followers for the outpour of support you've shown me for the short time I was involved with BR! You have no idea how much it means to me!

    While I'm not at liberty to discuss the details surrounding me and Sean, I can tell you that I look forward to bringing you free real time workouts in the future! I'll for sure be reaching out asking what you'd like see as I'll have MUCH more liberty to shoot a variety of different types of workouts than before.

    Again, thank you for everything - you ladies are the absolute best!!

    1. Jacqui: you were the reason I resumed bodyrock workouts as they had become mundane and not challenging for me. I loved the daily hiit seasons 1 and 2 and I would follow you if you started your own thing up! Your energy and positive attitude are amazing!

    2. WOOHOO! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! I will be sure to post links to all your stuff Jacqui!

    3. Unknown - you honestly have no idea how much your message means! Thank you for giving me a chance and becoming my workout partner! I'm so excited to get back to having my kickass workout partners with me! Thank you again for putting such a smile on my face!

      Gina - you're simply amazing!! I will for sure be reaching out and seeing what you and your followers want to see more of! Can't wait to give you the update of - I'm baaaack!!! Keep killing it with your blog! I love following!

    4. Thanks Jacqui! We love hearing from you, can't wait to see what you have coming up. :) xo

    5. dah! I'm having withdrawal already... I'll be here waiting patiently, or maybe anxiously, for your next venture!