Friday, June 10, 2016

Zuzka's 5 Minute Workout #78, Her Fashion Haul, and Her Claim of NOT Working Out More Than 20 Minutes A Day

Zuzka's 5 Minute Workout Workout #78:

Workout Breakdown
HIIT 25/5 sec intervals
1. JR free style
2. Jump Lunge heel lift
3. JR free style
4. Plank Scissor Jumps
5. JR free style
6. Squat Jump Forward/back/up
7. JR free style
8. Plank jack / squat jump
9. JR free style
10. Heel lifted squat twist burpee
 Now this will get your heart rate up in 5 minutes. Not a fan of the heel lifts - I prefer them as separate movements, but she sure likes them! I do not notice a difference in her calf muscles 0 she's always had really nice ones - IMO. 
Z did another on her fashion hauls - and one of my readers (thanks Lexxie) made a comment on how much make-up she wore - despite the comment on how much she hated all the make-up her photo-shoot people put on her. I guess she ended up liking it more than she thought she would. LOTS of eye make-up! I'm not a fan of her fashion hauls - but at the end of this one she mentions hat she is coming out with her own line (GREAT!) - she shows us her own tank top - BUT with the the Z symbol on the back. Hmmmm..... kinda cheesy! LOL.

Also, Z makes a comment about how people keep asking her if she does more than her ZGym routines. I guess I'm not the only one! Here is what she has to say about it: 

People keep asking me if I do other workouts than my ZGYM routines that I post for my members. I guess it's still hard for some people to believe that short high intensity circuit training done almost daily can keep you in awesome shape. The sad thing is that I don't have time to do more training. I wish I had. The only extra training I do is practicing some fun exercises like handstands (like what u see in this video - it's just me playing) for 5 extra minutes a day or some other things I want to improve. If I did have more time, I'd be a lot better athlete - I still have a lot of room for improvement. So if you want to be in a lot better shape then an average person, then ZGYM workouts will get you there. If you want to be as awesome as a pro athlete you'll have to put a lot more time into it.

I still think she does more than 'practicing' 5 minutes a day, and she does her pull-ups each time she walks by her pull-up bar, but since she eats so damn clean - even when she travels, and has the best genetics, she doesn't need to do hours in the gym, but I think all of what she does, adds up to at least an hour a day. But that's MY opinion. 


  1. Ok maybe she does workout 1 hour a day but so what? Why it would be diffrent? I'm not worried about the length of the workout but the workout that she's doing. Having shapely shoulders ok but she has that biceps even when she werent doing pullup/chinups how you get that much biceps with only pushups?

    1. And I dont understand why she keep saying she dont have time? Her work is doing workouts and filming them. She doesnt go to work or school she only film workouts and edit them

    2. I always wondered how she got such shapely biceps too. She's working them some how!

    3. Her business probably takes more time than we realize. She did just finish a book, She travels, is promoting a book, writes up routines for future workouts, probably films MORE than one workout a day despite what she says, walks her dogs, is making a clothing line, etc, etc, etc. She was at one time working on a supplement line too. I know she is studying for her Precision Nutrition Level 2 certification and she has to keep her Trainer cert current by taking CEU's each year.

  2. I have always wanted to have great calves- but I have pretty similar ones like Zuzka, and I find them... not so great. =D The truth is that I do search a lower body inspiration somewhere else these days; it´s kinda funny though, I mean Zuzka was my biggest inspiration for years. (Her upper body is super for sure.) But at the moment I prefer girls like Jen Heward - her legs are goals!!! =D

  3. I liked her tank top too, except for the glittery Z-logo on the back. Zuzka has mentioned in one of her fashion hauls last year that she LOVES glitter. I think her fashion choices are more often miss than hit, but I like it because so much of her style is typical Eastern European :-)

  4. Maybe I need to look at the tank top closer, but I wasn't very excited about it. It looks like a basic black tank.