Saturday, June 11, 2016

Zuzka's 12 Minute Body #7, and Does Zuzka Contradict Herself?

Here is Zuzka's Latest 12 Minute Body Workout:

Workout Breakdown
12 Minute AMRAP
1. Competition Burpee Jump tuck x 10
2. Side Crunch x 20/20
3. Side Lunge Knee Up 10 / 10
4. Plank Jacks x 20

What do you guys think of this one? It is VERY cardio based. Also, the side lunge knee up she does 20/20, not 10/10 - and she does these without a jump. I was surprised. She almost always adds a damn jump to everything LOL. I sometimes find using my muscles instead of momentum - I get MORE out of the exercise. I like this exercise a lot though. I do them in my core class.
I'm not a fan of the side crunch as much - but that's just because I'm so short waisted and have long legs. It is very awkward for me.
Zuzka goes over the 12 minutes here to finish the set of side crunches in this routine. She is super sweaty too.

So, yesterday I posted Zuzka's thoughts on people asking her about working out more than her ZGym workouts. She says she does not - only 5 minutes a day practicing things like handstands. Mind you she posted a video of herself doing front and back walkovers while saying this. Seems a little crazy - right? What I don't think Zuzka GETS AT ALL - is how much easier things come to her than most.

Secondly, a few posts down (all on her FB page) Z posts this:

Now doesn't that seem contradictory? She can now DL her Monster 90 lb KB 20 times, but she's only practicing an extra 5 minutes a day.  And do walkovers, and handstands, and one arm push-ups, and pull-ups, and double unders.......


  1. Hilarious, especially when that "monster" isn't in any of her posted workouts.. Ha!
    She can do it all, in just 12mins a day ;)
    Still love her, it's just funny

    1. Still love her too - but come on!

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