Friday, May 27, 2016

Zuzka's Warrior Wednesday Surprise #9, Friday Five Minute Workout #76, BR.TV's Advanced BootCamp is Coming in June

Zuzka posted her latest workouts: 

Warrior Wed Surprise was Flying Pigeon Pose. I was surprised by this. I was not expecting it. She already did an arm balance series, so I thought this would be something else. But she picked this arm balance because she said it is one of the easiest to learn. I think she is right - other than maybe tripod headstand prep.

Did you guys like this? Being a yoga pose rather than a regular exercise?

She did a yoga workout with this one:

Workout Breakdown
1. Plank – 1minute
2. Bird dog x 20
3. High Plank x 10
4. Chatturanga Push Ups x 5
1. Mermaid
2. Dead Pigeon
3. Pigeon
4. Tree Pose
1. Tree pose
2. Tree squat
3. Pigeon prep
4. Flying Pigeon

And then today she did her Friday 5 minute workout and ABS. Bor-ing! But that's me. What did you guys think?
Workout Breakdown
25/5 sec intervals – 2 rounds
1. Plank Knee tuck / plank jack
2. Foot taps sit up
3. Criss Cross Mountain Climbers
4. knee tuck sit up elbow strike alt.
5. Plank Heel Touch/ Toe Touch/ plank jump

I'd rather use Kettlebells or do full body if I only had 5 minutes. Ab workouts are boring to me. And as the saying goes - ABS are made in the kitchen, not in the gym! 
Anyways, it looks like the Advanced BR.TV bootcamp workouts are coming in MID-June. YIPPEE. It looks like some pretty intense exercises. Some great cash-outs that I could use. I've been bored with my own cash-outs lately, so I could use some new ones.
Any guesses? 50/10 12 minutes? 50/10 16 minutes? I wish it would be Lisa's 8 rounds of 8. 
I think BR.TV should DEFINITELY do a series on that. 8 weeks of 8 rounds of 8? You's only need 2 routines a week. The other days could be HIIT and yoga. And then you'd be all set! Hint, hint....... :) 


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  2. Have you seen the upcoming zgym programs? :-)

    1. YES! Thank you! I plan on posting about it tomorrow with her latest workout. :) :) :) xo