Tuesday, May 24, 2016

12 Minute Body #2 With Zuzka, Lisa Posted Her Own Workout - It Looks TOUGH

It is posted today:

Workout Breakdown
1. Backward lunge kick up x 10/10
2. Sumo jump squat leg lift x 20 alt
3. Curtsy lunge side kick x 10/10
4. Squat to lunge jump x 10
I did 2 full rounds and 13 reps of exercise #2

This one could have been part of her Killer Legs series. I am not sure why it wasn't. And there was nothing on those toes, so I liked it much better. The only other difference is that it is only 12 minutes. 
Weird. But a good leg burner! She has another NEW 12 minute body on Saturday. Did you guys notice that. I am not sure if that is a mistake? It's not a Killer legs, or Body Crush or Cardio Shred, but another 12 Minute body. Again, weird. But let's wait and see. 
And Z again matches her outfit to her sneakers. Lol. 

Lisa posted her own workout on FB yesterday. I am REALLY, REALLY impressed. Way to go Lisa. This is one hell of a strength workout.
My Workout Today -
8 x 8 ( with a 6 pound weighted vest )
Squats ( Vest & 35 lbs each side ) 
Bicep Curl & Shoulder Press ( 25 lbs each side & Vest )
Reverse Flys - ( 12.5 lbs each side )
Chest press - ( 30 lbs each side ) *incline
Dead Lift & Bent Over Row - ( 16kg Kettle Bell each side & Vest )
Elevated Tricep Dips - ( Vest )
Pull Ups - ( With assisted Band & Vest )
Hanging Knee Raises - ( Vest )
WOW! 8 rounds?! 8 reps? Holy sh*t! I'd be toast. With the vest? 


  1. Lisa's workout is what body rock should be doing!

    1. I couldn't agree more! It doesn't even have to be real time. I'm sure Lisa has signed her life away with non-competes, but I think she would be wildly successful doing that kind of thing on her own.

    2. I agree, Laura! Lisa didn't get her body doing Bodyrock workouts, that's partly why don't follow them religiously anymore (granted, none of the hosts have any weight to lose and are already active; they're selling/demonstrating a product more than anything; no hate). I appreciate that they've emphasized the importance of using a challenging weight, though. That was rarely if ever the case back in the day.

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  2. This article from Bodyrock was posted to Lisa's FB 19 hours ago: http://www.bodyrock.tv/fitness/can-high-intensity-resistance-training-hirt-help-you-reach-your-fitness-goals/

    So at least there's information on it! Pretty neat in a "speak of the devil" sort of sense.

    1. Actually, the above article borrows heavily from this one, written over a year ago. Kinda shoddy form in my opinion. Someone should bring this to their attention (I'm blocked on FB because I had an opinion once): https://fitnessrepublic.com/fitness/exercises/what-is-high-intensity-resistance-training-hirt.html

    2. I did a post on HIRT a while back I believe as well. BR.TV did actually source Fitness Republic if you scroll all the way down.
      I cannot believe you are still blocked?!

    3. They added the source after I commented and mentioned it on their website. My comment has also been removed lol.
      I don't mind not being able to post on their FB, it's just a reminder that having an opinion allegedly makes someone a "hater" in their mind to this day.

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    5. WHAT LIZ!!??? They added it only after you commented? WOW! When I used to do posts for BR.TV I would list articles that I found of interest as - sourced from xyz.com and was told that I actually needed to list it as reposted from xyz.com. I made that mistake for them more than once (it was MY mistake) but I ALWAYS at least listed the source.
      Perhaps they just forgot to add it in? Who knows. They have a lot going on.
      And they removed your comment? They simply could have thanked you and apologized for their over-site.
      They definitely overdo the hater thing. But it gets people talking!