Saturday, May 28, 2016

12 Minute Body #3 By Zuzka and NEW!!!! Programs Coming Soon With Zuzka, Her PhotoShoot RANT on Facebook, AND An Interesting Read on How To Lose Weight For GOOD

Here is the latest new workout with Zuzka - her 12 minute body #3. What do you guys think of it?
Meh - IMO. Old school type Zuzka - pretty boring.

Workout Breakdown
1. Everest Climber x 20
2. Surfer x 10
3. Side Crunch  x 20/20
4. Competition burpee Squat twist x 10
2  full rounds and up to 6 reps of surfer

I prefer Z's strength stuff compared to her jumping around stuff. 12 minutes of getting your heart rate up is fine - but it will NOT change your body overtime.

I just watched a video by BRET - the man himself. VERY informative. He talks about the random gym goer - the one who takes a yoga class one day, a spin class the next, the next day goes for a run, the next day does HIIT, then decides to lift weights one day, etc, etc, and never sees results. The reason being is that you need a PLAN - a plan where you can PROGRESS and track tangible results.
I understand that Z has a tracker. But I am not sure that being able to do her 12 minute body #3 with a few more reps is a real plan. What do you all think? I think some her series workouts have been better than her regular random workouts for this kind of thing - IMO.

But it does looks like she is offering NEW programs in the near future, I am not sure I understand... it is FREE for ZGym members, OR you can buy ONE of the programs ONE time for $10, instead of paying the $10 a month? I think that is the way it works. Looks like another way for her to make some money. She is always thinking. She is out and about promoting her new book right now too.
Perhaps her PROGRAMS will be more effective than her regular workouts.

Bret also talks about giving your body enough rest as well so when you workout you can make progress - that you are not overtired.
He says a lot of folks over-do HIIT or running and the like which makes it hard to set PR's (personal records) because your body is just too damn fatigued. Lisa seems to strike me as being guilty of this.
Another interesting point he makes - HUNGER.
He mentions that HIIT can either hinder or wildly increase your appetite. For those that it hinders (Ummmm, Zuzka anyone?) swear by it. Others (ME!!!!!!) don't find it nearly as effective and need to back off. For those where exercise increases their appetite - weight lifting is a far better choice.

Anyways, did you guys see Zuzka's RANT on Facebook about being yourself? She seemed genuinely mad about the makeup and dress she had to wear for her photo shoot. I get it, but obviously they had her wear all that for a particular reason. A lot of make up IS required on a photo shoot - she knows that. I understand that she didn't like the dress. It wasn't her style at all. BUT she could have turned the shoot down, however money talks! I wonder if the interviewing company will be mad if they see her little video on FB.

An interesting read for you guys:

The author talks about why weight loss can be slow, why people give up too soon, about weight set points, why to 'wait' it out, etc etc. I found it interesting and informative. Give it a read and let me know what you think!

Happy Saturday everyone. If you live in America you have a long weekend. Happy Memorial Day. Go thank a soldier! :)


  1. I initially got excited about the 12 minute body program, but when I look at the exercises, it seems to me that it's geared towards intermediate beginners. Those exercises are easy peasy and 12 minutes isn't gonna do much. Yeah, it's definitely old school, but without the punch. I really liked it when she did 3-4 parts to her old workouts; I wish she would bring that back.

    I also didn't get the rant about the makeup and clothes from the photo shoot, I would expect a more professional attitude from her. However...I know she likes to present herself as strong and kick-ass, so maybe that's why she was so upset about the girly, soft styling.

    On a complete side note...can someone please enlighten me who that Chris Vancil guy on her page is? He seems to comment A LOT, often creepy stuff.

    1. LMAO!!! I know - Chris has been her biggest and most responsive fan for a long time. I think he has a massive crush on Zuzka.
      Yes on the 12 minute program, and yes on the rant. Agreed!

    2. That Chris guy has been around for a LOOONG time. I started following Zuzana when she and Freddy lived in Malta (I think?) and he was commenting back then. He's always really protective of her, too. If anyone says something he doesn't agree with, he always responds with snarky comments in her defence haha

  2. Haha, yes, I noticed Chris Vancil too, he doesn´t seem like the kind of guy to do Zuzka´s workouts, so there´s a bit of creepiness hanging around :))
    I don´t care about that 12 minute series, it is boring, and also those latest 5 min workouts are nothing much special. It always surprises me when I read the comments under Zuzka´s workouts - her follower always say things like "Zuzka, I have been following you for many, many years..... Those short workout are amazing and challenging, I could never do more than one...etc. etc." And I don´t get it. I have been working out for many years too (not with Zuzka, I just sometimes do her workouts as burnouts) and 12 minutes are definitely not enough for me, no matter how hard I push myself. Those new programs might be fine, but I can get better workouts for free on youtube. Currently I am doing workouts from one girl who is really amazing, because she posts killer stuff, and she even does workouts that her subscribers send her. She has already done 4 workouts from me :) I think Zuzka´s workouts are ok if you are really short on time or if you just want to hop here, hop there, but don´t care about making progress.

    1. Yes, I so agree on her followers' comments! I've been wondering about that too! I started out with Zuzka about 3 years ago, and now I find myself beating her in most of her workouts (rounds and time), and often don't get it when she herself seems wiped out and acts like that workout was "so extreme, you guys". Gina once suggested that the exhaustion is exaggerated or fake to keep people motivated, but it has made me look elsewhere for more challenging stuff (I love Tati). Out of curiosity, who are you following right now?

      Hahaha on Vancil....he gives off such a stalker vibe. I saw he always comments on Zuzka's Czechlifornia stuff, often so inappropriate and condescending, other times horny-sounding. The only reason I noticed him in the first place was because I've had to deal with a serious cyber-stalker once, and Vancil's behavior scarily reflects that of the stalker, in word, tone, and frequency.

    2. I agree, I never get how is it possible that Zuzka is so out of breathe even after her 5 min workouts :) It may have to do something with her super low carb diet, though...
      Tati is very good, I like her, and also Michele Lumadue has awesome workouts. Currently I am following workouts from Fit Body By Julia. She started her youtube channel only few months ago, but I think I have never seen better (and more intense) workouts than hers. She is a mom of three kids, she is just "normal" in that sense that you can relate to her, there´s no exaggerated huffing and puffing and almost naked bodies - just real workouts.
      I so agree on that Vancil guy. Few days ago I even looked at his instagram account because of some comments he posted under Zuzka´s photos... I had to deal with a stalker in real life, and it was a terrible experience. Hopefully Vancil lives somewhere far away from Zuzka.

    3. I really feel for you about the stalking experience. Mine was hellish too. I become alert when I see someone obsessively trying to stay in someone else's life, even if they're "just trying to be a nice guy".

  3. Seems a bit ungrateful and yes, unprofessional, to make a video about how displeased you are with makeup and wardrobe. Complain about it in private, sure... But you're doing a job and getting paid for it.

    1. I thought so too, so recanted a bit today on FB.

  4. The make up looked good for it's purpose (a photo shoot). The dress did not look good (too baggy). However, if I were her, I wouldn't have complained about either in public. Plus, there is nothing wrong with trying something different. It doesn't mean you are not being you. Maybe you are just having fun. It makes me wonder if something went bad during the shoot and maybe it won't be published? And that's why she doesn't care about being so vocal?

    I am happy the topic of Vancil was brought up. He is incredibly annoying and weird. Most the time he is unreasonably protective of her, but then it's like he tries to balance that by sometimes saying rather condescending things to her. Those comments are also really odd.

    There use to be this lady who would just go at Zuzka on her FB around five years ago (to a level that was just not reasonable...) but Chris was just as insane back in his comments to defend her. He also appears on anything related to her, such as when she had her sales of her DVDs he'd comment on Amazon. Or when the Angry Trainer put up a negative post about her....he was all over that one too!

    Bottomline....he's a creeper!

  5. Ok, so it's not just me who has noticed that there's a really strange guy following Zuzka online ;-) I guess what I don't understand is why she doesn't put her foot down when he insults and berates other people, or posts inappropriate or condescending comments about her relationship. Why would she want a guy like that lurking around? He has said that they're good friends, but it seems to me that's a very one-sided assessment. I wonder what Jesse thinks of him. I always laugh when Chris writes stuff like, "When are you two finally gonna marry" or "Jesse, you better not break her heart!", like he has any say about anything.

    1. Maybe Chris is someone she actually knows?