Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Zuzka's Killer Legs #5, Warrior Wednesday Surprise - Clapping Push-up Tutorial, AND The Anatomy of a Perfect Diet

Zuzka posted her latest Killer Legs workout on Tuesday:

Workout Breakdown
15 Min AMRAP
1. DB Cross over lunge / DB squat  x 10/10
2. DB Split Jumps x 10/10
*low impact modifications – stationary weighted lunge 10/10 – it’s basically the same except no jumping
3. Jump Lunge heel foot tap x 10
*Low impact modification – front lunge to  reverse and bring your knee up. So just step forward into a lunge, then reverse the movement and lift your knee as high as you can x 10/10
4. Heels lifted side to side bottom squat (x4) / side lunge jump (x4) x 5 sets
* Low impact modification – Side Lunge alternating without the jump
Zuzka mentioned this about the workout:
I’m used my 12 lb dumbbells for this workout and it was really challenging. I wasn’t pushing as hard and I was taking short breaks in between the exercises so the overall intensity is doable for all levels. If you feel like you want to really rip into it, then use heavier dumbbells and pick up the pace. If you’re having a hard time to keep up, then don’t use any weights and do only as many reps as you can. Don’t pause the video, just keep following along with me even if you’re moving at a slower pace and can’t complete all the reps. If I move on to the next exercise, you will too. Your goal is to eventually keep up.
For those of you who can’t do high impact exercises, I have included some low impact modifications in the breakdown. Have fun!
What did you guys think? As one of my readers mentioned, Z hasn't done a workout X in a while. Most have been All Levels. I wonder why? Though her Ninja Jump Tuck Warrior Wed workout was pretty insane last week. 
She has another new Warrior Wed Surprise this week: Clapping Push-ups! I can do them on my knees only and I can do a couple of plyo ones on my toes. 
I am also working on one arm push-ups right now and once I tackle those (I can do them on one side only!) I will start working on these clapping ones more religiously. I am glad she did this tutorial. Z has pretty short arms, so if you have long arms, it will be harder, but don't get discouraged. :) It just takes us long-limbed people a little 'longer' to get there. 
And here is the workout that she gives us with it:
Workout Breakdown
10 Minute AMRAP
1. Clapping Push Up to Twist Squats x 5
2. Jump squat x 10
3. Clapping  push up to Donkey Kick x 5
4. Jump Lunge x 10
5. Clapping Push up to front kick x 6

6. Sumo Jump Jack x 10

On a nutrition note:
I read this pretty great article when it comes to 'dieting' and I thought I would share it. She has some excellent points in here. I like her idea of just eating better than you did the day before. I can be an all or nothing kind of person, and I'm miserable when I am hungry, but just trying to eat better than I did the day before is doable. I do this with my workouts. I try to do a little bit better than before - one more rep, one more lb, one second faster. Just a little better each time and it all adds up. I like this kind of thinking. So tomorrow I can have 4 pieces of chocolate instead of 5? :) 


  1. I'm your blog's number#1 follower I comment on everything :'D so the first exercise is just curtsy lunge with squat(?) but what's weighted sppit jumps! (the on that she did as 5 minute wo #70?!) or just jump lunge but no swithcing ? can you put pictures next time ?

    1. They are static lunges - so in one place with a jump, staying on the same leg. Hard to explain. Looks like you need ZGym! I cannot do a pic each time. WAY too time consuming. People would start to need to pay me $10 a month to type all that out. LOL.

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