Saturday, May 14, 2016

Zuzka's 5 Minute Upper Body Workout, Body Crush #36, And Info on Your Body Fat's Set Point - Is Exercise MORE Important?

I loved Zuzka's 5 minute upper body workout! A great way to get in some HARD work in just 5 minutes:

Workout Breakdown
5 Minute AMRAP
1. Dynamic push up with yoga blocks x 5
2. Pull Ups (with pull up assist band) X 6
3. One arm on a block push up (alternating) x 6
4. Pull ups (with pull up assist band) x 6
5. Dive Bombers on Yoga Blocks x 6
Try to complete 2 full rounds.
Though I can only do dynamic push-ups with blocks by performing them off of one block at a time, I love these. I can do 6 pull-ups without a band, and I love those too. I've never tried dive bombers off blocks, so I will have to give it a go.
What did you guys think of it?
Body Crush #36 was just OK, kinda too much choreography for me - LOL. 
Workout Breakdown
15 Minute AMRAP – All Levels
1. Cross Cross Mountain Climbers x20
2. Dive Bomber (x2) / Side to Side Frog jumps x 5 sets
3. Side Plank Lift (x3) / Bottom Knee Tuck (x3) x 4/4 sets
4. Twister Push Up / Plank Jump x 10
All upper body and abs - no leg work - so 2 upper body days in a row. I prefer more of a whole body mix, but no doubt this workout will get your heart pumping. I guess I am more into toning my muscles than just trying to burn fat. What's the point of burning fat if you there's no muscle tone afterwards? SKINNY fat! I've been there. It's not a good look. :) 

I read a great article on weight loss, changing your body's set point, exercise, obesity and dieting. This article was very eye opening for me, and kinda depressing! It shows how little some of us are able to change our bodies and why. And how to overcome it. It does SELL a supplement here, so buyer beware, but interesting article nonetheless. I would love to know some of your thoughts on this. But looks like strength training is where it's at!


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  2. didn't read the article But, I think its bullshit to make ppl think that they cant look the way that they want. I do not believe the body types. and I know that these people makes you think like that because they wanna sell you some products. and the ppl who believe these type of things that they need to work extra hard to burn fat and build muscle because of their body type, or they have to eat extra less calories to be skinny, they just dont put 100% work bc they think they can't get into that point anyway. that's just making person think negative and stopping them from putting to effort.


    1. Hmmm.... yes and no. I definitely think there are body types, but I also think that people can use their body type and genetics as excuses. However, you also need to be realistic about your body type/genetics so you choose appropriate goals.

    2. There certainly are different body types and people carry fat in different areas on the body. Personally, I can never achieve a visible six pack - that's just how I'm built. I've gone down to pretty low body fat percentage to try and achieve that dumb goal. Just not going to happen. I also carry more fat in my butt and quite easily put on muscle mass. So I do have to keep these things in mind when training.

    3. Most women need to get below 18% bodyfat to see abs. A lot of women also stop menstruating when their body fat gets that low, so it's a trade off. Also, the woman who runs Girls Gone Strong says she has visible abs at 21% body fat, and unless she lifts up her shirt, she doesn't even really look like she works out! LOL. We are all very individual.
      I am naturally lean - but I can get skinny fat super easy. I am not naturally lean with muscle tone. Not that lucky! I wish!