Saturday, May 14, 2016

What Would You Like To See From Zuzka or Bodyrock.TV?

Anyone have any thoughts they want to share on things they would like to see from BR.TV or from Zuzka?

I for one would love to see a 12 week training program using specific exercises to get better at over the course of the 3 months. The randomness of the workouts are definitely fun and entertaining, but I would love to have something more tangible and more focused. Whether it be 12 weeks of pistols, push-up variations, pull-ups, hanging leg raises, handstands, splits, burpees, etc, etc. I want something where I can progress overtime and see my progress. But that's me. Anyone else?
I'm curious to hear your thoughts!

I'm exhausted and I WAY overate today. It was my oldest daughter's First Communion today and I had a TON of family, food, desserts, and alcohol at my house allllllllll day long. So fun, but so tiring. I'm off to get my kiddos to bed.

We had a beautiful day out here in New England for a change. We got to go outside an enjoy the sunshine. What a difference it can make! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.


  1. Beautiful pic of you and your girls. Love the dress!

    I've been working like crazy lately, but I think I noticed zuzka was introducing a longer beginner program? 9 weeks maybe? I'm glad she's doing something a little longer than that typical 30 day challenges and whatnot, but I wish she'd off a progressive program for non-beginners too. Maybe with some skill AND strength progressions.
    I think zuzka will be able to achieve this much easier than body rock. I feel like I have no idea what they're doing lately. Zuzka manages to keep me interested

    1. I have something else to add.. Haha! I follow ekhartyoga and they're churning out programs all the time. Like once a month or every couple of months. The community there seem to really like that, as there's always a 'theme' to the programs and they are progressive. Maybe body rock could do an upper body series (with some lower body work of course), a lower body program, strength - based, power-based? I don't know! Something other than 30day whatever, random exercise, repeat to see if you've done better

    2. Zuzka manages to keep me interested too. I do like that about her! I think she just re-released her beginner series for free to get more followers - which is a smart move.
      And thanks - I liked my dress too, and my girls are damn cute. :)
      I am going to checkout ekhartyoga - thanks for the tip.

  2. Hm, that's a good question, what would I want to see....I really enjoyed last year's Summer Shred series. That was pretty awesome. I personally would like to see more bodyweight-only workouts, with maybe just the kettlebell. I used to love the 500/600 rep workouts in the Zuzka's BR days, where you would do 60 reps of 10 exercises and it burned like crazy. Sometimes I get annoyed with all of the fancy exercises she has nowadays (I really hate split jumps). I think I long for the longer workouts (20+ minutes) that left you feeling really amazing and wiped out. I enjoy how Zuzka's exercises really target the core, but overall, the 15 minutes are sometimes much too short for me, so I modify them myself by doing more rounds or more reps in every round.

    1. I agree with the fancy exercises. Both Z and BR.TV do too much of that - IMO.