Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Zuzka's Cardio Shred #34 and Her Warrior Wed Surprise: Ninja Jump Tucks

Zuzka posted her Cardio Shred #34 workout yesterday which I REALLY liked, it is quite an intense workout. Since it is only 12 minutes, I plan on using it as a cash out this week to one of my weight workouts:

Workout Breakdown
12 Minute AMRAP
1. Plank Rows / Squat & Press x 12
2. Over the box Jump x 12
3. Side Lunge Row x 12
4. Over The box Jump x 12
She also only uses 8 lb dumbbells, so again, good as a cashout. (SORRY - 12 lb dumbbells - my bad!) If I were to do this as a whole workout, I would do 4 rounds, add a push-up to the plank rows, use heavier weight (15-20 lbs) and do the over the box jumps once through the routine, not twice. But anyways, I liked this routine she put together. 
Today she has the Ninja jump tuck as her Warrior Wed workout. What did you guys think of this? I'm indifferent. I don't really care if I know how to do Ninja jump tucks or not. I can do them with my toes curled under, not flat feet, but again, not something I really care about.
Here is the routine she put together for it:

Workout Breakdown
1. Mountain Climbers x 20
2. Ninja Jump Tuck x 5 or Bottom Squat Jump Tuck x 5
3. Criss Cross Mountain Climbers x 20
4. Ninja jump Split Jump x 5 or Bottom Squat Jump Tuck Split Jumps x 5
5. Everest Climbers x 20
6. Ninja Jump Push Up x 5 or Bottom Squat Jump Tuck Push Up x 5
7. Plank Jumps x 10
8. Ninja Jump Pistols x 5 or Bottom Squat Jump Tuck Prisoner Squats x 5

OH MY GOD. This is one of the hardest cardio workouts she has done in a long time. SOOOOOO much jumping. I would DROP DEAD. Lol. 
Z herself did most of the workout modified and was huffing and puffing away. :)


  1. I did Cardio Shred yesterday and I really enjoyed it! Zuzka is using 12 pounds DB in this workout (I don't know why you are saying 8?!) Her 8 pounds are red.

    I found her ninja jump video very informative. she knows what she's talking about!

    1. AH! 12 lbs. Sorry! I will update that!

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  3. "doing ninja jumps toes curled under" lol I was trying to mean this but I didn't know how to say it :'D (my first language isn't english) anyway thank you for your blog posts I totally forgot the warrior wed.

    1. Yes, I cannot do them with flat feet from the starting position. My legs are significantly longer than Zuzka's so I need to modify things to fit my body type! I also think these can be a bit hard on the hip flexors, but again my femurs are so much longer than Z's that I might notice it a lot more than she does.

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