Friday, May 6, 2016

Zuzka's latest 5 minute workout and Advanced Boot Camp coming from BR.TV

OK, first of all, I lost my electricity last night and it fried my computer so I'm doing this blog post from my phone.

So my apologies for the rudimentary post!

I really liked Z's Five minute workout this week. It's a great little burner of a routine.

Workout Breakdown
5 min AMRAP
1. Pull Ups x3
2. KB – Push up / sumo Squat jump x 6
3. KB Jump lunge pass under x 6
A great combination of exercises that worked the full body in a short period of time. I would love this as a longer, full workout. Though, to be honest I'm not sure I could jump with the Kettlebell. LOL
I also saw on Lisa's Facebook page a little clip of the advanced boot camp that is coming. Someone asked her when it was coming, and her response was only 'very soon.' The little routine she does on Facebook does look quite hard actually.
It is one where she's doing the plyo push-ups. 
You can sign up now to get the advanced boot camp routines emailed to you and there are more video clips of her filming the advanced workouts.
Go to Lisa's Facebook page to see more. There are some typical videos on there with her doing mountain climbers and Burpee's and jumps etc. but I'm still interested in seeing what has to come. 

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