Saturday, May 7, 2016

Zuzka's BodyCrush #34, Lisa's Video for 25 Favorite Moves With A Dumbbell, And The Best Workouts For FatLoss

Zuzka posted her BodyCrush #35 for us today and it looks killer! She was huffing and puffing away, and I KNOW I would be too. I love the Everest Climbers with the kick through. She also did the pistols modified to show us how to do them that way. I like doing them the way she showed us because it also gets your back muscles involved.

Workout Breakdown
15 Minute AMRAP All Levels
1. Commando Burpees x 10
2. Side Jump Lunge (x3) / Side kick (x3) x 10
3. Everest Climbers (x5) / kick through (x5) x 4
4. Pistol Squats 5/5

On Lisa's FB page she has another promo video for their dumbbells (you have to go to her FB page to see it, I cannot post a link). It is a great video, but VERY, VERY oddly similiar to Men's Health dumbbell video that they posted last week. I'll see if I can find the link later. I've got a crazy day today. 
Lastly, if you are looking for workout routines that WILL help you lost fat - no bones about it, look here:
It was written by Alywn Cosgrove and Chad Waterbury, and if you are familiar with the fitness industry, you know how good  these guys are. Take a look. Videos included. 
It might be a great workout for some of you to follow for the next 8 weeks as summer approaches. 

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