Sunday, May 8, 2016

I Have No Words For Zuzka ....

REALLY? I don't know what to make of this. LOL. I'm pretty sure Zuzka started taking Capeoira lessons again. She mentioned taking lessons a while back and did a post on it, and she has mentioned some of their moves in her various workouts starting over a year ago. Funny how she has not mentioned it lately, but sure looks like she is getting better at it! Of course we can all do this in 15-12 minutes a day, right? Or maybe this is just another one of those things she practices daily - along with her random pull-ups, one arm push-ups, handstands and handstand push-ups?
(I know, I know,  some of you are eye rolling right now).

Here are some of her older workouts with Capeoira. Will need to be a ZGym member to see a couple of these.  (Mar 2015)   (Jun 2015) (She mentions this as part of this workout: This is the kind of workout that I really enjoy. It’s simple, challenging, and no equipment needed. It can be an X if you really push yourself, but also for All Fitness Levels if you modify the Burpees and do jump squat instead. To modify the Pistol Squat you can either go just half way down or you can also use a chair and just sit down and on a chair and then stand up on one leg. There is always a way to modify an exercise to fit your abilities.
I had so much fun, and really tried to set a good baseline for beating my personal best. The round kick was one of my favorite moves back when I was doing Capoeira. There’s something fun about kicking, don’t you think? :) Have fun! (Aug 2015)  (Her comments: I had been trying to learn the kipp up for almost 4 years. It all started in my Capoeira classes where I became obsessed by the skill of jumping on to your feet from laying down on your back. I can’t even count all the falls and bruises I had to encounter only to eventually 
give up take a break for couple years. It wasn’t up until I got the opportunity to work with Jillian Michaels. The weirdest thing is that I haven’t even tried his exercise for at least 2 years, and yet I was able to do it right away and for the very first time. It had nothing to do with practice. It was just the way she explained it to me. It was like having a piffany. (Um, I think she meant epiphany). I tried my best to share what she taught me, in the video, and I’m hoping that it’s going to help you to understand the move and that you’ll be able to execute it without any pitfalls.) Maybe she is so much of an athletic freak she doesn't need practice anymore?   (Dec 2015)

Anyways, I don't know whether to find Z motivating, discouraging or silly! Or perhaps all of the above.

For those of you who are moms - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Enjoy your day. You deserve it! Do what makes you feel good, and eat, drink and be merry. :) 


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  2. I love Zuzka, she does crazy stuff and i love it! i found it very motivating!