Thursday, May 19, 2016

Warrior Wednesday Surprise Workout With Zuzka - Bridge Push-Ups

What did you guys think of this one? 

You need to be able to do full wheel pose to be able to even do these push-ups, so not sure what some of you might have thought. Getting into wheel actually  requires a great deal of upper back and shoulder flexibility. 

Zuzka did a great yoga fusion workout with this exercise though:

Workout Breakdown
1. Basic Flow x 3
2. Cobra press x 10
3. Dolphin stretch x 10
4. Shoulder stretch on yoga blocks – 30 sec
5. Modified Bridge – hands clasped underneath you – 30 sec
6. Reverse Plank lift alternating hand position x 10
7. Bridge on exercise ball x 30 sec
8. Neck Bridge x 30 sec
9. Bridge hold (Wheel Pose) x 30 sec
10. Bridge Push Ups x 5
11. Burpees x 10
12. Bridge Push Ups x 5
13. Pass the ball x 10
14. Bridge Push Ups x 5
15. Donkey kick burpees x 10
16. Bridge Push Ups x 5
Performing the exefcise on the blocks as Z describes does make it easier. And it cracks me up that she matches her work out clothes to her sneakers. Have you guys ever noticed this before? 
Zuzka also does a walk over - a gymnastics move from her youth - on her FB page. She does it with a yoga ball first - first she craches (LOL) because she does it without a sticky mat, then with one, and then all by herself. Something I've always wanted to do myself. Perhaps I'll try it with a ball too. But I'm actually chicken sh*t to try it! 
Today it not Killer Legs - it is on Saturday. Tomorrow if 5 minutes Fitness. So lets see what that brings.
On another note, Have any of you signed up for BR.TV's Advanced Boot Camp? I hope it isn't just going to be 12 minutes of 50/10......

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