Saturday, May 21, 2016

Zuzka's 5 Minute Workout - Glutes, and Her Killer Legs Workout #6, BR.TV's Advanced BootCamp Workouts With Lisa

Well last week Zuzka did an upper body 5 minute workout, then an upper body/ab workout on Saturday, and then this week 2 leg workouts 2 days in a row. I would have liked it better if she split these up. 
But her 5 minute workout last week and the one this week would be great done together as a full body routine. 

This looks like a great booty burnout routine. I might do this one today. I am only walking today - an active rest day. I typically do that on Sundays, but I went out last night with some new friends of mine, and I'm tired today. I didn't go to bed til a whopping midnight. LOL. I'm usually in bed by 10pm. Hahaha. Kids have my up by 6am, but I always try and get up by 5:30am, so I can get a few things done before I have to start getting them ready. 
5 minute workout #75
Workout Breakdown
5 Minute AMRAP
1. KB deadlift to Squat x 10
2. KB Swing x 20
3. Hip Thrust x 20
4. Hip Abductions x 20
I did 2 rounds

Her Killer Legs workout did look like a killer, BUT again WAY too much done on the toes - IMO. I just would do the same routine with my heels down. I think because Z is an advanced exerciser, she can get away with variations that some other people simply cannot. Also, her femurs are not that long, so doing some of these leg exercises will not put the same pressure on her knees as it will for other folks.

Z uses this pic to promote the workout and I don't think this is the most flattering pic of her legs? The shorts cut off her thighs and the bottom of the pic cuts off her calves, so it looks odd - to ME. 

Workout Breakdown
Time Challenge
Part 1
1. Low side to side tippy toe squats x 20
2. Jump Jacks x 20
3. Tippy Toe Air Squat Abductor press (X3) jump tuck x10
4. Jump Jacks x 20
Part 2
1. Jump Lunge foot tap knee up x 10
2. Switch lunge x 10
3. KB Sumo squat to ballerina squat x 10
2 rounds for time
My score: 19:12
The jump jacks with the band on looks like an awesome exercise for your heart rate and glutes. I want to try it! 
The switch lunge also looks super tough on the legs - it is basically a jump lunge, but you leave your knees bent the whole time - you stay low instead of jumping up high. 
So - have any of you signed up with BR.TV for Lisa's Advanced BootCamp? I have. It is again 21 days of workouts - I believe it is just with her. There is a preview on her FB page. Some of the exercises do look quite advanced! Her push-ups looked great. 
I just hope it is not 21 days of 12 minutes of 50/10. I'm not sure when it starts. Someone asked Lisa and she just said 'soon.' And she is wearing shorts. She rarely does that anymore. 
From the clip on FB it looks like LOTS of equipment is involved. I am pretty good at improvising, but next BR.TV should do one that doesn't require so much sh*t. :) 


  1. I don't like Zuzka's legs on that pic too. They looks massive and soft.

  2. The advanced series starts in mid June (it they don´t change it six times as with one of those previous challenges)