Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Zuzka's NEW Series Started TODAY - 12 Minute Body! Some GREAT 'Fitness' Recipes I Wanted To Share, What If You Lost your Motivation? And Lisa-Maries's from BR.TV Makes Her OWN Equlaizer's?!

So this is Z's latest series, 12 Minute Body #1. It wasn't supposed to start until Thursday, but she changed it to today, and moved Killer Legs to Thursday instead.

Workout Breakdown
12 Minute AMRAP
1. Jump Lunge x 10
*low impact modification would be weighted backward lunge alternating legs
2. Flying Burpee x 10
* low impact: Do the same move but without the jumping – just step in and out of  the plank and then stand up, but move fast. 
3. Ab splitters x 10
4. Side Lunge Jump x 10
*low impact: weighted side lunge alternating legs

What did you guys think? I thought it was OK. Flying Burpees are a killer. I'm not a fan of Ab Splitters. Jumping Lunges and Side Jump Lunges are Typical Zuzka. I'm not sure that you could do much more than 12 minutes of this because it is a definite heart pumper, so I would use it as a cash out or add slower exercises in between - such as rows or pull-ups, and glute work.


I found a couple of good looking recipes that I want to try - I am always looking for snack recipes that I can take with me or eat on the go. These look GREAT! And look like something I cannot mess up. LOL.



While I was reading the Rice Krispie Treat Recipe I saw this post on the same FB page about lost motivation. I thought it was a interesting read and one that I wanted to share. I would love to hear your thoughts. I'm pretty consistent with motivating myself to workout. I love the endorphin rush. Cooking however, ugh. Not so much. I wish I was wealthy enough to have a live in cook! I'd look a hell of a lot better. Cooking bores me so I find no motivation in it. I need to motivate myself in others ways - because it is healthier, will make me look better, sleep better, perform better, etc, etc.....



Did any of you see on Lisa's FB page that they are selling a WHITE Equalizer - or Challenger as they call it now - has her signature on it. Is that cute or weird?

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  1. The equalizer reminds me of when they were selling autographed photos of Lisa for a time.... at least the equalizers are a more functional product? But I wouldn't be first in line to purchase them.