Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Zuzka's BodyCrush #33, Day 2 of Week 2 with BR.TV, Strength Training IS Fat Loss Training

OK, yesterday Zuzka had it posted that Cardio Shred would be posted today, but she changed it and today was BodyCrush #33:

Workout Breakdown
15 min Amrap
1. Three point kick x 10 alt. legs
2. Candle to Plank jack push up (x3) x 10 sets
3. Side lunge jump (x3) to Sumo Squat jump (x3) x 8
4. Plank fold frog jump x 12
This workout was OK. Most of you know I'm not a fan of kicking exercises, so I definitely didn't like exercise #1 at all - but this is just an opinion thing. Kicking exercises often bother my lower back, and that's just my body. 
#2 is a great exercise IMO because it stretches out the back and plank push-ups are a good cardio/strength exercise.
#3 is a typical exercise for Z.
#4 was interesting. I will have to give it a try - hopping into plank, go to forearm plank, move forward more onto your elbows, push back up into high plank, and jump forward. Hard to explain but I used it as part of my warm up this morning and I liked it. 

Still boggles my mind on how little she eats and how little she exercises and how much muscle she has. As I said earlier this week, she has a lot of muscle lately - more than ever, especially in her legs. I think she is bordering bulky these days, and that often requires a lot of food and heavy weights, so I don't get it. 
So onto BR.TV. Today was a work with Lisa:
Not a bad overall workout - would be a great cash out routine. I actually liked the 3 point abs clean and press exercise. Now here is where I think it would be better suited to do REPS as opposed to time. This whole routine in my opinion would be better with reps. I get that not all HIIT workouts - should be like that, but in this case, I would prefer reps. I say that because push-ups some people can only do 2 and others can do them all the day long. So pick a challenging variation and do 10 reps. The swing and twist you want to make sure you are even on each side. 
The 3 point clean and press - well you just don't get enough out of the clean and presses when you mix in the 3 point abs, so either go for 2 minutes, or go for 10 reps. 
Bike abs - again make sure you are even on both sides. 
At least that's my take on it. 
And here is an interesting read for you guys. I think cardio is over-rated and overdone by lots of folks out there, so take a look at this article: 


  1. I am finally going to make an effort to lift heavier! I've been inspired for a while but am going to make the monetary and time-oriented investment. Also... while I do appreciate that Lisa (of Bodyrock) was so real about doing weight training/lifting heavier to build muscle and become/stay lean, it makes the Bodyrock workouts seem.... I dunno, a bit counterproductive. I say this only because for her, it's not what worked. Yeah, I guess HIIT did, for staying lean, but eventually even she cut out the uber cardio and did heavy lifting. So I'm not sure how to feel about that, in following Bodyrock as a workout program because, in that sense, it doesn't fit my goals, and it still doesn't really align to what one of the main hosts at least does to look a certain way or as far as body composition is concerned. (And it wasn't before, because she'd do a lot of cardio on top of the HIIT.) So, I dunno. Either it is or it isn't ... practicing what you preach is an awesome thing.

    1. Yahoo! Glad you are getting into lifting heavy. It is SO addicting. More so than the cardio rush - IMO. And Lisa looks so much better - right? Don't forget to check out the GetGlutes $99 for one year sale. It is SO worth it. :)

    2. Gina. Would you post a link to brets 99 dollar offer. Can you do his programs only from home? I dont have a gym. Im really liking michelle lamdues workouts on youtube. One of your readers told us about her. Her workouts are long so you dont have to start over which is why i never bother with br.

  2. I have to disagree(again)about Zuzka´s "bulkiness." I actually think she has (still) a lot to do with her legs. I think her upper body is really epic and phenomenal, but her lower body is not as equal. I have the same body type as she does, so I understand how hard it is to make those legs to look as athletic as the upper body. Of course I am softer than Zuzka (yeah, I like to eat) so overall she looks better than me. But I do search the lower body inspiration somewhere else, I have to admit. However, it might just be that you prefer different look than I do. =D

    (And if Zuzka happens to see this somehow miraculously, I still do think you are super gorgeous!)

    1. I think Z has a gorgeous body - NO doubt about it. She just looks bulkier to me these days and I think she has thicker legs. Still gorgeous legs, but muscular as hell, but that's how I see her. Still a body to die for either way.

  3. I don't think she is bulky at all. She is super, super lean right now and I think that being that cut may make her look more muscular but she is more petite than ever. I actually have been thinking that her legs looking smaller than ever...and to me that makes sense as like I said, I think she is leaner than ever. I don't think Lisa's legs look that great. To me, they are a runner body legs, and it's just my opinion/taste that I like legs that look muscular and cut....not just like someone hits the treadmill for non-stop cardio. Liz- I agree with what you said. Even Lisa is basically saying that BR wasn't enough to get the most of her workouts.

  4. Ah,
    Perhaps it is because Z is so cut right now she looks so muscular.
    Idk what Lisa's legs look like, she never wears shorts anymore.
    I think BR is geared more towards beginners these days or folks short on time.

  5. It is an offer from Get Glutes not Bret. He was part of Get Glutes tho for 3 years! Their offer ends today! Getglutes.com