Thursday, April 21, 2016

Double Unders with Zuzka, And The Latest Workouts With The Daily HIIT Show

Zuzka gave us her latest Warrior Wed Workout yesterday with her Double Under instruction workouts:

Don’t worry this daily practice requires only 5 minutes of your time and you don’t need to even warm up. Jumping rope is a warm up of it’s own, so you can actually use your daily practice to warm up before your actual ZGYM workout.
ZGYM members can try practicing the double unders today with the new Warrior Wednesday Workout.
Day #1: Practice basic bounce until you can go for 2 minutes without a mistake. Do 2 x 2 minutes of a basic bounce (if you’re already comfortable with basic jump roping, then skip this step)
Day #2:  Practice 1-2-3-4-5-high jump in front of a mirror. Your goal is to complete 20 reps without a mistake (each time you do a high jump counts as 1 rep).
Day #3: Try to do 3 sets of 20 reps (1-2-3-4-5-high jump in front of a mirror). Take a short break in between sets.
Day #4: practice 1-2-3-4-5 DBU and focus on not jumping too high. Watch your form in the mirror. If you find yourself jumping too high, go back to high jump and then try the DBU again.
Day #5:  1-2-3-DBU x 5 times in a row – try to work your way up to 20 times in a row
Day #6: 1-2-DBU x 5 times a in a row – try to work your way up to 20 times in a row
Day #7: 1 – DBU – 1 x 5 times in a row – try to work your way up to 20 times in a row
Day #8: Try 5 DBUs in a row and work your way up to 4 sets of 5 reps without a mistake
Day #9: Try to complete as many DBUs in a row as your can. Aim for 20 but don’t get frustrated if you’re not perfect every single time. I can do 20 in a row sometimes and sometimes I make a mistake.
Day#10: You’re ready to do any of my Jump Rope Cardio Workouts in the ZGYM that include DBUs. I combine jump rope with kettlebell training, and bodyweight training for maximum results.
Ummmm, if you are newer to jumping rope, I think it will take more practice than 10 day to get good at double unders. It probably only took Zuzka ten days. Again, is this more exercise that she practices outside of her ZGym workouts? She shows an awful lot of other routines on her FB page as well. Just an observation. 
For ZGym members she has a Double Under workout: 
Workout Breakdown
1. DBUs 1-2-3-DBU (or high jump) x 10
2. Push ups x 10
3. DBUs 1-2-3-DBU (or high jump) x 10
4. Ab splitters x 5 sets
5. DBUs 1-2-3-DBU (or high jump) x 10
6. Plank side knee tuck / side plank lift x 10 alt.
2 rounds – focus on your form this is not a time challenge. If you make a mistake when jumping don’t worry about it just keep going.
I hope at the end of her Warrior Wed's she puts together a Warrior routine. 
The Daily HIIT show yesterday was with Lisa and the routine was 50/10 (Lisa should branch out  and do something else besides 50/10 once in a while):
Other than listing the brand of clothing they are wearing while working out WHY don't they list how much weight they are lifting?! Or maybe I am missing me something? I had to go to the store to see how much weight it was that Lisa was performing the clean/press and squat/press with. It was 15 lbs. I even clicked on the equipment link in the email and it has you fill out your billing info - no info on the weights itself. Say what? People buy this sh*t without knowing how much weight it is? So then I went to the store, and clicked on equipment, dumbbells, then details to finally see how much weight the colored plates were. Geesh. 

Today was a killer leg workout with Jacqui. I am pretty sure my legs would be on FIRE with this one:

It was a 50/10. I would have loved this one as a counted rep for time instead. But easy enough to change that for your preference, you just can't follow along with Jacqui. God what a pair of legs on her! 

NOTE: I have a friend who is looking to get into exercise from home and I recommended BR.TV. One - most of it is free. Two - you sign up and get it emailed to you, so there is no searching on the internet. Three - it is short. Four - she is a beginner. 
I think this is the way BR.TV is going these days and it hits a HUGE market. Over 60% of Americans are overweight and out of shape. It's smart actually - Freddy is NO idiot.
I would not recommend Zuzka only because I don't think a raw beginner is ready for a paid subscription OR ready to see some of the advanced moves she does. 
If another one of my friends was asking me to leave a gym and continue to get into shape from home, I would not have recommended BR.TV. That would be a different clientele. I think long time BR'ers are probably moving on, or do the routines many times through or use the workouts as cashouts. 
I would have recommended Zuzka if they were looking for short workouts and had little time, OR Get Glutes if they were looking for a more complete workout program. 
Just some thoughts. 

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  1. I think you can also recommend Zuzka for beginner. Her begginer series in the Zgym or on Youtube (she got 20 of the with the bunny slope serie) are just awesome. And on the top of that, her beginner workout are fun. BR workouts are ok but they are not fun. It's just workout to workout and to finish the 12 min, IMO.