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The DailyHIIT Show | Season 3 | Week 2 Day 5, Five Minute Workout # 71 and Cardio Shred #33 with Zuzka, and Zuzka's FOOD for the Week

Week 2 was just completed of Season 3 of the Daily HIIT show with Jacqui:

(image removed per FREDDY)

A great full-body workout. I liked the combo of exercises of upper and lower body, push and pull and yes, even a burpee cardio exercise in there. The lunges were jumping lunges. I believe the next 2 days are rest days.
I did find it a little odd that Lisa and Jacqui did clean and press & squat and press two days in a row. I am thinking they are not coordinating on their workouts?

Zuzka posted her latest 2 workouts. First, 5 minute workout #71:

Workout Breakdown
1. Jump Lunge
2. Transformer shoulder tap
3. Jump squat knee up
4. Donkey kick shoulder press
5. Competition Burpee
This workout is free on her Youtube channel and you can get it on her website. This will get your heart rate up for 5 minutes!

Secondly, here is her Cardio Shred #33

Workout Breakdown
15 Minute AMRAP
1. Dive bomber (knees bend) x 10
*You can go onto your knees
2. Deadlift / side step squat x 10
3. DB Weighted Reverse Burpee / jump lunge (x4) x 6 sets
*Low impact modification would be backward lunge instead of jump lunge
4. Weighted walking push ups x 8 steps
*You can do these without the dumbbells and if that’s too hard, then bend your elbows only as far as your strength allows you to.
5. Twisted jump squat – DB weighted x 10
*Low impact modification would be weighted squat with an upper body twist instead of the jump
I was surprised Zuzka did not use her heavier Kettlebell for her Deadlift side step squat exercise. She only used her 12kg. I think the dumbbells she was using were only 8 lbs.
Both of these routines by Z had jumping lunges in them - again! (Actually Jacqui had them in her routine too).
Unless Zuzka does a specific upper body workout it is rare that she does a back exercise. Even in her full body workouts, she doesn't. I wish she would do more in her workouts to make them more balanced. Lisa does them once in a while, and Jacqui is great at making sure they are included.

Here is Zuzka's Food for the Week or my food for 3 days, LOL. But I have to hand it to her. She very rarely if ever eats processed foods. She cooks A LOT. I H*A*T*E cooking. HATE it and rely too far on processed foods. I should make my own waffles and not buy them. UGH. But I've got 2 kids and 3 jobs. Sigh, excuses I know.

Breakfast: Sweet Breakfast Waffle (FM) and Coffee

My Workout: High intensity training

My Lunch/post workout meal: Chicken Thigh with Broccoli Cashew Salad (FM)
* I baked a whole chicken so that I have bunch of left overs for snacks for the week

My Snack: Apple (FM)

My Dinner: Drunken Meatballs (FM)
*recipe is coming soon, these meatballs were delicious!
TV snack: Apple

Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee (FM)
*I was rushing to go run some errands early in the morning so I only had time to make bulletproof coffee to go. 
My Workout: High intensity training
My Lunch/post workout meal: Chicken Salad on Apple Slices (FM)
* This is a quick, easy and healthy snack if you have the cooked or baked chicken ready
My Snack: An apple
*I had no time for anything else

* One of my favorite recipes


Breakfast: Bulletproof coffee (FM)
Lunch: Arugula Salad (FM)
My workout: Warrior Wednesday, practicing fun challenging exercises. I don’t consider that a high intensity workout. I was just playing.
Snack: Two Meat Balls (FM)
Tv snack: orange and apple

My Breakfast: Bullet-proof Coffee

My Lunch: Arugula salad (FM)
My Workout: High intensity training
My dinner: Low Carb Meaty Pizza (FM) and Chicken Caesar Salad
My Late night Snack: Home made chocolate bar (FM)

Breakfast: Coffee & Low Carb Bacon Burrito (FM)
*recipe is coming soon

 My Lunch: Spinach Salad (FM)
*fresh spinach, apple, celery, mushrooms, avocado and balsamic vinaigrette.

Snack: Apple and peanut butter (FM)

My Workout: High intensity training
My Dinner: Dinner at a restaurant – pizza, dinner salad and I split a dessert with Jesse (WEM)

Breakfast: Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Crepes (Fm) and coffee
*This was so good. Recipe is coming for sure.

My Lunch: Spinach Salad (FM)

My Workout: High intensity training
My Dinner: Nachos at a bar (WEM)
*Jesse and I went to see the new Jungle book movie which is amazing by the way and so were the nachos :) and margarita cocktail.

Breakfast: Low Carb Berry Cookie Bars (FM) and coffee
*These are so delicious, I have enough bars for the next few days for breakfasts – unless Jesse eats them :)
Recipe is going to appear on the website in the near future.
My Workout: Easy training – Power Yoga, stretching
Lunch: Spinach salad

Snack: Orange

Dinner: Stir fry Beef with Broccoli

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