Sunday, April 24, 2016

Craziest Cardio Challenge, Kettlebell's VS. Dumbbells's - Which Gives You a Better Workout? The Latest From Edith

I actually follow MEN's Health on FB  (I know, weird, but I do) and they had this cardio challenge posted today:

Take a look. I am DYING to try it. I won't be able to until next weekend, but I will give it a go.

It is 9 exercises, 1000 reps total:

1. Jump rope, 300 reps
2. Battle rope, 200 waves
3. Kettlebell swing, 100 reps
4. In-place bear crawl, 100 reps
5. Lunges, 100 reps
6. Wall ball, 50 reps
7. Sandbag clean, 50 reps (I will use a KB)
8. Box jumps, 50 reps
9. Burpees, 50 reps

OUCH! Looks super tough. Click the link above and watch the video.

I am a HUGE Kettlebell fan as most of you know, and I came across this interesting article comparing KB's to Dumbbells:

If you haven't introduced KB's into your life, I HIGHLY recommend it! I wish that BR.TV would use them as well. I wonder if Jacqui and/or Lisa use them in their own workouts?

I am not sure how many of you follow Edith, but have you seen what she is up to lately? I love this woman! She is a beast in such a feminine way. I love it. She has recently gotten into powerlifting. Check it out: She is so damn strong! GO EDITH! Her post ends with - Watch me get stronger. And watch we will. And I bet she will look AMAZING in the process.
Those 6 reps of 185 lb deadlifts? Holy sh*t. I did 6  reps of 175 lbs last week and almost dropped dead. LOL.

Her workouts will make BR.TV and Zuzka look like a cake walk. But then again I get that not everyone wants to lift heavy. Zuzka herself admits she doesn't like it. I can't imagine what she would look like actually if she did she has so much muscle as it is.

Anyways, all the ladies are entertaining and motivating for me to watch. It helps all of us get off the couch, right? :)

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