Monday, April 25, 2016

The Daily HIIT Show, Week 3, Day 1 With Jacqui, Zuzka's Latest Workout Schedule

Well, BR.TV had their latest workout today and it wasn't really a new one - it was a combo one of all the workouts Jacqui has done thus far for the Daily HIIT show for Season 3. Hmmmm..... a great idea, but also kind of a cop out? What did you all think? A great workout nonetheless.

(image removed per Freddy)

I had mentioned in a recent post that I suggested BR.TV to a friend of mine looking to get back into shape from home. I saw her this weekend and asked her how it was going. She had signed up, but didn't start because she didn't have any equipment, weights, etc. I told her to use soup cans and do all the exercises without weights and to just START. But this must be intimidating to a newbie.
One of you replied that Z's beginner's programs are great - and they are - and even move in a progressive manner, but I think the paid for only subscription and her other fancy moves are a turn off for a beginner. But these are just my thoughts. Perhaps a newbie would stick with it if they paid for it? Some yes, some no.

Anyways, here is the newest schedule from Zuzka:

  • Monday

    Body Crush #33 (Beat Your Personal Best)
  • Tuesday

    Killer Legs Workout #4 (New in ZGYM)
  • Wednesday

    Warrior Wednesday Workout - Surprise! (New in Fitness)
  • Thursday

    Cardio Shred #33 (beat your personal best)
  • Friday

    5 Minute Workout #72 (new in Fitness)
  • Saturday

    Body Crush #34 (New in ZGYM)
  • Sunday

    Power Yoga #47 (New in ZGYM)

She has a new Killer Legs tomorrow. I am curious to see if I will like it or not. There is a surprise Warrior Wed workout? What is that all about? I wonder if it will be handstands. 
No new Cardio Shred this week, but a Body Crush instead. 


  1. Zuzka Bunny slope workouts are free in her YouTube Channel and its a beginners series! 20 workouts in this series. They are great and minimal equipment.