Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Killer Legs Workout #4 With Zuzka and the Latest From BR.TV's Daily HIIT Show With Lisa, Some Fun Exercises With The Kettlebell You Might Not Have Seen Yet

Zuzka gives us Killer Legs #4 today:

Workout Breakdown
Buy in: Explosive Jump Squat x 10
15 Min Amrap
1.  Heels elevated static lunge pass under x 10/10
2. Over a box jump x 10
3. Heel lifted DB front squat (DBS on your shoulders) x 15
4. Over a box jump x 10
Buy out: Explosive Jump Squat x 10
I actually likes this one despite! I thought it was a great metabolic workout and the explosive jump squats are a great leg burner. I do not like her obsession with heel lifted exercises these days. I would do them with my heels down as I think they put undue pressure on the knees and in the lower back - but that's me. The over the box jump is something she hasn't done in a long time and they are a killer exercise.
Zuzka posted this on her web-site about doing the heel raised exercises today: 
When I decided to become a fitness professional,  I started following big name trainers and learning techniques that helped me build my foundation. One very well known trainer, Pavel Tsatsoulin, published in one of his books that calves don’t need a special focus in your workouts because those are small muscles that will take care of themselves as long as you’ll target the big muscle groups with functional exercises and avoid isolated moves. I followed his advice religiously and I loved the functional bodyweight training ideas. Believe it or not, I was the first trainer on YouTube doing high intensity interval training using functional bodyweight exercises I learned from my favorite coaches. That was back when I started BodyRock.Tv (like hundred years ago). Maybe some of you still remember.
So long story long… No matter how many Burpees or Pistol Squats I did, my calves would stay the same.  This year I decided to shake things up and give my calves special attention and guess what? Those muscles really don’t require too much effort – you will see progress fast, but you do need to target them with calve focused moves in order to shape them up. If you shape up your calves, you will have the Killer Legs you’ve always wanted – I think that shapely calves will make your legs look more strong, athletic, and symmetrical. This Killer Legs series focuses on shaping up your thighs and calves and I try my best to make it fun, short, and effective :)
I am not sure what to make of this. Pavel is VERY well known and is highly regarded in the fitness industry. Secondly, Zuzka mentions that your calves will shape up fast. I have problems with both points from both trainers. Calves are actually one of the HARDEST muscles to develop (you can google it!). Since we use them ALL the time with walking day in and day out, they are hard to train to a point to a progressive overload for hypertrophy. Calf muscles are used to being under a lot of stress which again makes them one of the hardest muscles to grow. They may progress quickly for Zuzka - but that's Zuzka's body. She doesn't seem to get that yet! Bodybuilders go CRAZY trying to build their calves. There is article after article on how to makes your calves grow. Sorry Z - I'm not in agreement here. But still really liked the workout. I would just do it with my heels down and concentrate on my glutes, and work my calves separately. You burn far more fat and calories concentrating on your glutes anyways - and I feel heels down is safer. 
Lisa is back at it today, and just like Jacqui's workout yesterday, it was a combo of all her workouts thus far with the Daily HIIT show from Season 3. So nothing new to report there.
If you check out this blog on my FB page you will see some fun exercises using a Kettlebell that I recorded for you guys to check out:
Just a short video with only a sample of each exercise, but give them a go and lmk what you think.


  1. I thing zuzka is following carmel rodriguez fit on instagram secretly 😅 Because she is capable of doing so many great thing A LOT of handstands, and she works out on her toes aswell.She can really do a lot when she is on ther toes she can do rever squat lifting the kettlebell overhead on her toes! I really think that zuzka is inspired from her when putting new workouts together.

    1. I was just checking her out and you are right. How similar they are! I will look into Carmel some more.... Thanks for the tip.

  2. I google Pavel and he is kind of cute, no? :-)

    1. LOL!!!! He sure is one hell of a fit individual!