Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Zuzka's Latest Warrior Wednesday Workout: Ab Sliders, And Episode 13 of the Daily HIIT Show, Season 3

Well Zuzka posted a sliding ab workout this morning in her ZGym.

A few things about this, first of all - kudos to her for doing something new.
However, her Warrior Wed's have all been about learning a skill - this was not a skill per se.
She used slippers! LOL. You can use Val sliders if you want the real thing, or even furniture sliders - about $10.00!, fuzzy socks, or paper plates.

Also, this is labeled as being something in her Fitness section and it is not - it is only in her ZGym. In the past few weeks, the tutorial on the 'skill' has been in Fitness and the workout has been in ZGym.
Not the case here. (UPDATE - there is a freebie posted on FB and her Youtube channel) This was the workout:

Workout Breakdown
1. Everest sliders x 20
2. Twister Plank x 10
3. Forward slide to slide jack push up x 10
4. Side to side Oblique sliders x 10
2 rounds
This is not a challenge, just take your time and focus on your form. If you can watch yourself in a mirror, that’s even better.
Definitely a killer on the abs and the shoulders. What did you guys make of this? 
I'm curious to know where she is going to go next with her Warrior Wed's. I was thinking it was going to be handstands or handstand push-ups, splits, split jump lunges, kipping, bridging push-ups, etc. Not ab sliders? 
Anyways, one of my readers mentioned that Z might be influenced by Carmel Rodriguez (thanks Yagmur Vegan) and I wonder if she is right. I actually wonder who Z is inspired by and if she would share it with us? Carmel is insanely fit - she is quite beautiful, a mother of 2, and it looks like she has some sort of gymnastics background. I think her boobs are actually natural. . Her eyelashes are not. LOL. It seems as if she is the model for the new Lynx board.
Well Lisa was with us today on the Daily HIIT show and it was another combo of previous days from Season 3. She states it is to repeat exercises to see how far we have come - and it makes sense. It is typically worth repeating exercises to get better at them.  I just like to see new routines. I bet it also saves on filming time and expenses and helps keep things free. 
And there has not been a lot of new types of things from BR.TV in a long time. I don't mean this in a bad way. They are known for short intense 12 min workouts. It is their thing and they do it well.

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