Friday, April 8, 2016

This Week's Workouts With Zuzka, And Another Great Video with Lisa

So how have you guys liked the workouts with Zuzka this week? Seriously still wish she would do new ones on Mondays and Fridays NOT Tuesdays and Saturdays!

So on Tuesday there was a Cardio Crush Workout #32:

Time Challenge
1. DBUs x 20
2. Hip raise to abductor press x 30
3. Pull Ups x 5
4. One leg elevated weighted lunge x 10 / 10
5. Swiss ball pike roll x 10
6. KB swing x 20 (beast)
This was a pretty good full body workout. At first when I saw the KB Swing Beast - I thought she meant the 90 lber! I was like Holy Hell - 20 reps, this I gotta see. But she was using the 44lber.
But no doubt she could swing that 90 lb sucker like it was a feather. Zuzka is a genetic freak and so strong! 
I was reading something the other day about body types and limb length and how mesomorphs and folks with shorter limbs often have a far easier time with many exercises, and build muscle and strength a lot faster as well. Grrrr......not fair! BUT, if you are long limbed - when you do build as strength (even though it takes longer) you often end up STRONGER because it took your body so much more work to get there. 
I have super long limbs (I was one of those lanky kids)! Now I just think of my legs as my best asset. :) My arms and legs are far longer than Zuzka's. That's me tire flipping away!
I was hoping that Zuzka's pistol tutorial would be a little bit more informative. She did a free tutorial than a pistol workout that wasn't much more than well,  a lot of pistols, lol. 
Workout Breakdown
1. One Leg Bridge x 20/20
2. Plank – 30 sec
3. Pistol Squat – 6-10 reps
3 rounds – don’t rush, focus on your form
I can get all the way down, but not back up without assistance. Zuzka gives us the tip of using something under our heels if we do not have the flexibility in our ankles, or achilles, or using a band for assistance. I've used the band idea before, but I find I just use my arms. Maybe I'll try it again. 
Z also recommends practicing these 3 times a week. I would like to practice these, one arm push-ups and handstands as a workout 3 times a week, and then do weight lifting the other 3. I have one week left on my interim program and I am trying to decide what the hell to do next. I am super interested in Bret's Power Lifting - Get Strong Program, and then there's the Bodyweight Athlete Program. I can't do both at the same time! Bret's power lifting is a 3 day a week program, so doing a gymnastics type program the other 3x a week would be ideal for me. I gotta figure it out! 
Zuzka posted her 5 Minute Workout for us this morning, which was a Kettlebell workout and NOT an abs one! Weird for her as they have all been abs ones lately. I kinda liked the side lunge clean and press move. 
Workout Breakdown
1. Side lunge clean and press x 5/5
2. One arm KB swing x 20 alt.
3. Pass under to One Leg Goblet Squat x 6 alt.
5 Minute AMRAP

Lisa did another awesome video on her FB page:

She did one a couple of week ago with the weighted vest, and now this one with the sandbag. YES, I know these are to make sales, and I bet it is working. These are well filmed, and great looking workouts. I wish they would incorporate more workouts like these  instead of the how many variations of burpees can I come up with! Lisa's body looks amazing too. And I want those pants!

(image removed per FREDDY)


  1. New Daily Show vol. 3 with Lisa and Jacqui starts tomorrow, I hope it will be good. Since there is also Jacqui, I have high hopes for this. I am a bit surprised they didn´t speak about it at all, they posted the intro video just today. They really aren´t promoting their workouts lately.

    1. Weird. I JUST saw that as I got an email in my inbox this morning otherwise I never would have known.