Sunday, April 10, 2016

Something BRAND New From Bodyrock.TV! Season 3 of the DailyHIIT Show with Lisa AND Jacqui

Well, I got an email this morning that Season 3 starts TOMORROW with Lisa AND Jacqui both in the DailyHIIT show.

OK, weird - right? I mean, no advertising, no hype, no nothing? 

If you want to sign up and/or watch the promo, here is the link: 

They are also being sponsored by 'My Protein' which is a new one.

There is an ad for Season3 on BR.TV's FB page, but not on Lisa's. It is also posted on Jacqui's.

You have to sign up via email again as well.

I'm not getting this new angle that BR is taking with the little to no advertising and email access only?

(image removed per FREDDY)

This picture above is part of the video ad I got emailed as well. Adorable pic of Jacqui.

Below is the new pic on Lisa's FB page. What do you think? Gorgeous body and unnatural face? She used to be so naturally pretty!

(image removed per FREDDY)

Season 3 still has 12 minute workouts and runs for 21 days.. I wonder if any will be Lisa and Jacqui together or just alternating days. I do look forward to more of Jacqui though. I like her style. 


  1. Cool. I'm interested to see what this is all about and if it includes any of our suggestions!

    Lisa's body is looking fantastic these days. She's bulked up a bit and it looks great on her. Her face? Well... Whatever keeps her happy, I guess :/

  2. The first workout was quite good, I like that it wasn´t only cardio and some crazy jumping, but actually quite a strength based routine. However, I hate the new player they are using, similar to what Zuzka has, and the fact that there is no timer included (again). Well, let´s see how this goes, I am still curious about the next workouts and about what Lisa brings. I prefer Jacqui, but maybe Lisa will surprise us this time.