Friday, March 11, 2016

Zuzka's 90 Kettlebell BEAST, Her Latest 5 Minute Workout For Abs, And If You Want to Get Fit, Stay Real and Forget the Latest Trends - a GREAT Read

Onnit sent Zuzka a Kettlebell Beast that weighs 90 lbs. I am so jealous!

I have talked about Onnit a lot on this blog, they are a great company. Can they send me one?!
I remember thinking that it was funny that she called her 44lb bell a beast, when technically I believe the true KB beast weighs 106 lbs.

Zuzka mentioned that she will be trying it out. I can't wait to see that. I have used an 80lb Kettlebell for swings, but not a 90 lber. I have used 150 lbs for deadlifts. I am curious to see her incorporate this into a workout.

She also posted her latest 5 minute workout which these days always seem to be for abs. But I didn't mind it because she incorporates full body exercises. I LOVE the clapping push-ups, but not the squat twists as those seem hard on the knees - you could easily tweak one in the wrong direction.

Workout Breakdown
1. Plank Knee Slider to Plank side jump x 6 alt. sides
2. Reverse plank knee tucks to jump tuck x 5
3. Clapping push up Squat twist jumps  x 5

I read this article this morning and it is a GREAT read. Both Zuzka and BR.TV should give it a read too. How TRUE this is!
It talks about -  If You Want to Get Fit, Stay Real and Forget the Latest Trends. 
I'd love for you guys to read it and lmk your thoughts on it. 
No need for Z and BR.TV to constantly come up with new moves. Variations of the basics and leading us through progressions makes more sense in the long run. 

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  1. I am pretty sure that Beast is what she was talking about, but in kilograms (44 or 48kg) which I think is somewhere between 90 and 100 lbs.. :) We use kilograms here in Czech Republic and I think Zuzka still does use kilograms sometimes as well.. plus, most kettlebells come with KG number on them, but you know that, you have a picture of those on the website, lol :)