Thursday, March 10, 2016

Check Out These GREAT Booty Exercises With Bret!

I have not done these leg exercises before and I am very interested in trying them! Gotta love Bret.
There is a video of these on his Instagram.

3 Advanced Single Leg Exercises:
B-Stance Full Squats
B-Stance Stiff Leg Deadlifts
Braced Single Leg Hip Thrusts
Each of these exercises places probably 70% of the loading on the targeted leg and 30% on the non-targeted leg. These aren't for beginners; they require mastery of the bilateral versions first.

Notice the staggering of the legs in each version.

I am also going to try Landmine Deadlifts. I hear these really target the glutes and hamstrings.
You can check out those here:

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  1. Hi Gina - Thanks so much for posting info about other fitness websites. I too believe that Bodyrock is getting stale....same old stuff. It was the best when Zuzka was with Freddy and they posted a daily workout from their home. That is what drew me to them in the first place...SIMPLICITY!! Now, the Bodyrock of today is very ad-oriented to begin with and the website is not so simple anymore. It is also strange you have to sign up now for workouts....when you try to find them on your own, you just give up. Anyway, thanks for posting other fitness websites and keeping it fresh....hint, hint Bodyrock.