Tuesday, March 8, 2016

BR.TV Advanced Challenge Coming In May? Zuzka's Latest Schedule, Her Latest Lifted Butt Series #19, and Some of Her Latest Recipes with Soy?!

It looks like the Advanced Challenge from BR.TV starts in May - thank you Mira. She posted on Lisa's Instagram page asking about the challenge:
I asked Lisa on her instagram page about the upcoming advanced challenge and she replied me that It will probably start in may
So that probably means June? Lol. But what in the world are they going to do between now and then? All repeats?

 Zuzka posted her most recent workout schedule:

 She has a BodyCrush this week instead of a Cardio Shred, and I am not sure I really know the difference, LOL. But as a recently I have preferred her Cardio Shred's, but we'll see.

Here is her Lifted Butt Series Workout, #19:

Workout Breakdown
15 min AMRAP
1. Wide legged Hip Raise to hip abductor press x 20
2. KB Sumo Squat (3 short reps) to one leg goblet squat x 10 alternating legs
3. Wide legged Hip Raise to hip abductor press x 20
4. KB Pendulum (x 5) / Swing (x 5) x 2 sets
*double the amount of reps if you’re using medium size kettlebell 
5. Wide legged Hip Raise to hip abductor press x 20
6. Deadlift to one arm deep squat  x 10 alternating arms
*Double the amount of reps if you’re using medium size kettlebell
I (Zuzka) did 2 rounds and all reps in exercise #1
I wonder how long she will continue this Booty Series? She didn't do the Upper Body Series nearly as long. I would prefer some full body workouts from her next. She has stopped doing pull-ups again, and I like it when she incorporates them. 
As far as this #19 workout, it looks like a fairly good leg workout overall. I especially liked the sumo squat to the one leg goblet squat. GREAT exercise IMO. I was as big of a fan of the deadlift to one arm deep squat because it looked awkward to perform. I like exercises that flow together. 

Zuzka posted a pasta recipe! Surprising for her. But she used a new kind called Skinny Pasta which is supposed to be lower in carbs and higher in protein. It is, but it uses SOY. I thought she was not a proponent of soy? It can be found here: https://gkskinnypasta.com/
Not all of their products contain wheat or soy, but the Linguine that she is using does: 

Water, Durum Semolina, Soy Protein Isolate, Wheat Flour, Pea Fiber, Egg White, Pea Protein
CONTAINS: Egg, Soy, Wheat
It is also $6 a box plus shipping. Yikes. Since it has wheat and soy in it (drum semolina is wheat) I think I would just stick to the real thing? 
Their gnocchi looks better to me:
And couldn't you get equivalents at a Whole Food's, Trader Joe's or even a Market Basket? 
But her recipe looks yummy.
A lot of Zuzka's recipes look delicious, but I hate to cook. I need to get over that! 


  1. Well, I think Zuzka is sponsored by these companies. I wouldn't spend $6 on low-carb pasta either, I would either just avoid it or substitute zucchini. I also don't know what to say to Zuzka's latest skin care regimen post. I once asked her on her blog's comment board what she does to make her skin so glowing and dewy, and she responded along the lines of, "I just slather on either coconut oil or olive oil, I hate to fuss around." I really do think her skin looks amazing, which I'm sure also has lots to do with her avoiding sugar. I wish, I wish.... ;-)

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