Saturday, March 12, 2016

Do Carbs Really Make You Fat? Zuzka's Latest Body Crush Workout #29, A Fat Loss Workout Protocol by Chad Waterbury

I read this article about eating high fat, low carb, or low fat, high carb, etc.

The author makes some really valid points in here. It is such a good read.
Makes me doubt Zuzka's high fat diet per se, but it works for her. Really she has a controlled caloric intake regardless of her macros. I have said this before, most diets work for her. We've seen her experiment with several different diets and she's always had a six pack.

I get horrible headaches when trying low carb and I know that it is said this is part of detoxing, and that you get used to it.
Perhaps, but I get headaches that turn into migraines that turn into vomiting that turn into three days into bed, so it is not worth it for me without my carbs. I'm not talking about candy and lollipops and Twinkies, but I do like my Ezekiel bread, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, rice, quinoa, and I love those damn Belavita cookies. 
Of course chocolate is my vice.

Anyways, click HERE to read.

BodyCrush #29 looks like a real heart pumping workout. NON-stop jumping. Zuzka has also been doing a lot of exercises on her toes, and I wonder if she is trying to work on her calf muscles. Not that she needs to work on any of her muscles!

Workout Breakdown
15 Minute AMRAP
1. Frog Jumps x 5 sets
2. Candle to Ballerina Sumo Squat x 10
3. Jump Lunge kick up x 10 alt
4. Twister Push Up (x2) to Jump tuck x 5 sets

Those damn jumping lunges - she must really like them. LOL. I suck at them, but they do burn. I liked her little frog jump routine as weird as it was. I'm not one for crazy new moves, but what I often like about what Z does is that her crazy moves incorporate a type of flexibility/agility challenge in them. 

Zuzka also gives us a video on her make-up routine: She warns us that she uses a lot of products - and she does. Jesus, I don't have that kind of time to do my make-up every day, but then again I'm not on camera! Though I enjoyed this silly video. She was funny. Her personality really came through here - and was was happy, joking, making funny faces, etc. I wish she was more like that in her workouts too. 
She responded to a question about her getting Botox - and she said she does not and she wiggled her eyebrows and forehead for us to see. I don't think she looks like she uses it, and she is too young for it. I think that is why Lisa looks so strange with it. She is too young for it too, and it makes her look so unnatural. 
OK, another interesting read for you guys from Chad Waterbury. He did some research on strength gains and fat loss programs and came up with this 4 week protocol. He even list which exercises to do one which days and how to progress throughout the 4 weeks. Sounds super interesting to me!


  1. The frog jumps were very fun to do! Zuzka is very innovative in her exercice, it's fun.

  2. I agree with you re: Zuzka's diet. It is more portion control and caloric intake than anything else.
    I've tried low carb as well and actually felt quite sick. No energy, always hungry, always tired. I just take an "everything in moderation" approach now and it suits my body just fine.
    Some of zuzka's moves remind me a little of gold medal bodies. The frog stuff, candlesticks. Love it!