Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This Week's Schedule of Workouts with Zuzka, Breadless Week with BR.TV

Here is the schedule for this week from Zuzka:

I like how she did something different for Monday - she had us repeat one of her 5 minute workouts 3 times. 
Her Lifted Butt #20 was out today and it was just OK. A lot more of the same, but a good buns burner nonetheless. I get a little tired of Kettlebell swings all the time:

Time Challenge – 1 round
1. Clams with power band x 30 / 30
2. Weighted Side Lunge Knee Up / Side lunge jump x 20
3. Hip Raises with power band x 30
4. Kettlebell Swing with the beast x 20
*If you don’t have a heavy KB you can do 10 to 20 reps more
5. Abductor press with power band x 40
6. Kettlebell Deadlift (Beast) on blocks x 20
*you can do at least 10 more reps if you’re lifting medium size KB
7. Side Leg lift with power band (x5) to Side Squat (x5) x 5 sets on each leg
8. Weighted Backward lunge (Beast) x 10/10
*double the amount of reps if 10 reps with your kettlebell don’t feel challenging
9. Kneeling hip abduction to heal raise x 20 / 20
10. Kettlebell Swing x 20 (Beast)
* double the amount of swings if 20 reps with your kettlebell aren’t challenging for you
I liked her heavy lunges included here. Holding a heavy KB in one hand also works your abs and shoulders in a unique way, so I am a big fan of this exercise. 
I am liking the she also is doing another Upper Body Diamond Workout later this week which most likely means pull-ups! 
BR.TV has been posting a bunch of non-bread recipes this week. What do you guys think? They did a bunless hotdog today and got a few comments that the hot dog is probably more unhealthy than the bread. LOL.
They have had a smoothie and a ham sandwich with mayo and cheese... interesting. Lets see what the rest of the week has to bring? 


  1. I did Z 5 min x3 and it was just awesome! I really like it. Didn't like that much her LB #20, I am not a fan of the band stuff maybe beacause my band is not a good one, I don't know.

    1. The band does make a difference, but I she has been overdoing this exercise I think.