Friday, March 18, 2016

Some of the Latest Crazy Workout Moves From Zuzka, Her Latest 5 Minute Workout, Her Skin Care Routine, Daily HIIT Season 3 With Jacqui

I love watching these random videos of Zuzka on her FB channel. I find these little challenges she does SO inspiring. But I will admit, it is frustrating how easy exercise comes to this woman. So NOT fair! I have to work twice as hard to be able to do half the sh*t she does.
I was just reading an article the other day about body types and limb length and how it can affect your ability to do many exercises easier than others. Well, since I'm stuck with the body I have got, I'll keep working at it. My long legs look good in shorts so I'll take it. :)

Anyways, I loved her explosive push ups. I tried these. I can do them on my knees to do one block at a time, but not both - yet. I also cannot do a clapping push up off of my knees - yet, either. I can do am explosive push up, but not quite clap. I also have long dangling arms and have  twice the distance to go than Z does, but I will get it!

I loved these handstand push-up jumps that she did too. I tried them this morning. Geez, so damn awkward. I can do it, but not nearly as graceful, and I can't get quite as low in my push-up yet either.

So inspiring!!!!

What did you guys think of her latest 5 minute workout?

Workout Breakdown
5 Minute AMRAP
1. Clam x10
2. Side Crunch x 10
3. Clam x 10 other side
4. Side Crunch x 10 other side
5. Plank jack push up x 5
I think she is overdoing those bands a little bit, but I did like the plank jack using them. That's a new one that I would like to try. 

OK, I finally got around to watching Z's skin care routine. I had to laugh, BUT no wonder she has such nice skin. Try keeping up that routine once you have kids Zuzka - let alone one kid, try and keep it up when you have two! LOL. Wow, a lot of work, but it shows.

I want to try the egg white mask. That seems like something I could actually fit in once in a while. I cannot imagine doing half of this white trying to get myself and 2 kiddos out the door in the morning or our WWIII routine at night trying to get them the hell to bed!

I am surprised she doesn't use Coconut oil on her face. I have read wonders about it, and she uses it everywhere else. I love coconut oil, but I cannot use it on my face - it makes me break out. I use a homemade exfoliate once in a while of olive oil and sea salt. Other than that it is Neutrogena face wash and moisturizer - that's it.
My Morning Routine:
  1. Burt’s Bees – Deep Cleansing Cream with Soap Bark & Chamomile (using my facial brush)
  2. Onsen – Daily Choice Peel
  3. Urban Skin Rx – USPx – Age Defying Mineral Moisturizer
My Evening Routine:
  1. Onsen – Milk Lotion Cleanser (I take off my make up)
  2. Burt’s Bees – Deep Cleansing Cream with Soap Bark & Chamomile (using my facial brush)
  3. Home Made Facial Scrub – in the shower
  4. Body Merry – Eye Gel
  5. Body Merry – Night Cream
Occasional Treatments:
  1. Home Made Protein Mask – Egg White
  2. Ellavage – Detoxifying Mask
Body Care:
  1. CLAB&CO – Coffee Scrub
  2. Vintage Body Care – Olive Oil & Shea Butter body lotion with a Lemongrass scent
For my hands:
  1. Relax by Scent – Soy hand and body Soap
  2. Relax by Scent – Soy hand and body Lotion

Jacqui posted on her FB page that Season 3 of the Daily HIIT show is being filmed starting Monday. She had asked on this blog what we wanted to see and I wonder if she will include any of our thoughts, if there will be anything different and if Sean will lead any of the workouts.
As I have said before, I am not a HIIT girl - more of a strength one, but if I was, I would use her routines. I like them and her personality makes them easy to follow.

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