Wednesday, March 30, 2016

UPDATED: Warrior Wednesday With Zuzka: How to Do Pull-Ups, a Shredded Workout From Men's Health, and a GREAT Workout From BR.TV With Lisa!

Well Zuzka posted her Warrior Wed workout on how to perform pull-ups. What did you guys think? I want her to do one for pistols, one arm push-ups, clapping push-ups and handstands. Though she has done them all before I would still like her to do it again. I would like to see her add a yoga block onto the end of her foot to make her legs longer and then try a pistol - hahaha.
This pic is with her band assisted pull-up.

I think her pull-up equipment is monstrous! I think a doorway pull-up bar is WAY more practical.
Or, pull-up rings are even better on your joints, but I know not everyone can set them up in their homes.

Check out this workout from Men's Health. It is from their 21 Day Shredded Series:

I'm going to be away in NYC over the next couple of days and plan on trying some of these moves in the hotel gym. Not all of the moves appeal to me, but a lot of them sure do. I am on a 4 week interim program right now - basically a break from heavy lifting, so I am playing around a little bit. I like it, but I also feel like I have no plan in place!

But the workout does look fun - right?

OK, so I just saw this workout posted on BR.TV's FB page:
My 20 Moves For A Stronger Butt! ~ Lisa-Marie BodyRock.Tv

It was some terrific exercises - not random jumping around simply to work up a sweat. I really liked it, and would love to try these out and see how my butt feels when I am done! I would like to do it once through as a burn out for my butt at the end of my workout - maybe 10 reps each exercise.
Way to go Lisa.

First of all, can I mention how amazing Lisa's body looks?! She looks terrific!

I was watching her throughout this video and thought - wow, she looks extra fit.
I also noticed that something was off. I couldn't put my finger on it right away. She looked, I don't know, expressionless? Something was off about her face the whole time. Is it me or did any of you notice it? She is such a cute woman. I wish she would stop messing with her face, but then again it is HER face.

But not a line - not anywhere in her face. Motionless. Even kids get lines in their faces when breathing. laughing, crying, etc, etc. The only movement is in her injected lips and it looks unnatural to me. Perhaps that is the look she is going for and likes it!

Regardless, she has been working hard and it shows, and I enjoyed the booty routine here in this video. I wish she would do more like this.
A lot of equipment was used and there is a link to buy what she uses, but so be it. You don't have to buy the equipment, you can use what you have, and BR.TV can't do everything for free!


  1. LOL exactly my thoughts with Lisa's motionless face... btw, did you see this? :D

    1. LOL! I did see this. What a difference in their facial expressions - right?!?!?!?!?