Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Latest From Zuzka, Her Killer Legs Series, Her Newest Series, An Oldie But Goodie Workout From Zuzka, Global Bodyweight Training Program

Zuzka's latest schedule for this week looks like this:

So far I have not been a big fan of her Killer Legs Series - it's a lot of random jumping around - more like BR.TV workouts - IMO. 

Workout Breakdown
Time Challenge
1. Air Squat Leg lift/ Tippy toe jump jacka x 20 sets alt.
forward / back squat jump burpee x 3
2. KB Side to side heel lifted lunge / sumo squat x 10 sets
forward / back squat jump burpee x 3
3. Jump Lunge (x3) / heel lifted stationary lunge/ lunge knee up x 6 sets
forward / back squat jump burpee x 3
4. Pass under backward lunge / pass under squat / Jump tucks (x2) x 6 sets
Z has a new series coming called Warrior Wednesday and tomorrow is pull-ups. I am super curious to see what this is all about! She has stopped her Beginner Series for now. 

Check out one of Zuzka's older workouts from her Bodyrock.TV days. I loved this workout. It definitely needs a pulling exercise to round it out, but I liked it nonetheless. 600 Rep Fat Burn:

For those of you interested in the Global Bodyweight Training Program (their web-site rocks: http://www.globalbodyweighttraining.com/, and here is their program again: http://www.globalbodyweighttraining.com/bodyweightathlete/) I had asked for some more details about it, and here was there response: 

it's four days on, one day off. Yes, there's a 33 day introductory phase that will teach you all of the components. One of which, is how to add weights strategically

I am still quite interested in this, but I just finished a 12 week program, and am now following an interim 4 week program, and may start this one next! 


  1. Wow - what a trip down memory lane! I remember doing this workout and loving/hating it. I think I remember another 600 rep workout that started with burpees?

    I really want to try that bodyweight program, but I have to get through floor one and two first!

  2. I remember when I did the 600 rep w/o for the first time, I could only do one round, it was so hard. Then in some point I tried it again - it was still horrible and hard and long, but I could finish both rounds. It is a workout that I time to time think about doing again, but I haven´t tried, you know, it still is (in my mind) one of the hardest ever. Though I know I am much stronger now, however I´m not sure is my cardio as solid as it was a few years ago. =D