Saturday, March 26, 2016

Black Diamond Workout #8 From Zuzka, More On Her Skin Care Routine, Glutes Gone Wild, And Yet ANOTHER Workout Program I Want To Do: YOGA Strong

So what did you guys think of this workout from Zuzka?

15 min AMRAP
Workout Breakdown
1. Chin Up / Pull up x 3 sets
2. Russian Twist (x3) / Knee hug (x3) / Plank Jump x 10
3. Chin Up / Pull up x 3 sets
4. Side stretch plank knee tuck / plank jack x 20 alt.
5. Hanging criss cross knee raises x 10
6. Weighted Santana Push Up x 10
Well I am a big fan of pull-ups, so I was definitely partial to those. I like hanging leg raises, and love the weighted Santana push-ups, but there was too much ab work in this one. I didn't like the rus twist/knee hug/plank jump combo. I would have preferred a leg exercise here instead. I DO like that Z is pushing us these days with more strength work and not just HIIT. So thank you Zuzka. Keep it up please.
I LIKE getting stronger. It makes me feel empowered and like I am making progress in my workouts. I don't feel enough of that from BR.TV. As far as HIIT goes or cash-outs, BR,TV does a great job. 
Zuzka also told us MORE about her skin care routine. Are you kidding me? LOL. How much time does this woman spend on pampering her skin each day? Now she steams and uses a mask?!
Good God I wish I had that much time on my hands. I guess I should be masking my skin right now as I type, but my kids would think I'm nuts. and I've already showered and done my make-up. Maybe tonight after giving the kids a bath, finally getting them into bed, getting their Easter baskets ready and hiding the eggs I'll be up for a steam, mask, facial scrub, exfoliator, shower and moisturizer, HA. 
Here is an excellent read from Ben Bruno. Along with Bret he is becoming one of my favorite online trainers to seek out and see what he has been up to. 
In this article Ben gives us 4 new challenging (and fun!) ways to work your glutes. Maybe he should do a Lifted Butt Series for us? :) If you follow him on FB you can see some of the crazy (but damn effective - not lets just see how many different variations of burpees and jumps we can do) exercises he does. I always want to try them.

Seriously? What is going on these days? I keep coming across workout programs I want to do!!!

This looks like the perfect combo of yoga and weight training - my 2 favorite things to do. AHHHH!!!! 


  1. Did you se BRs video on exercises for chest?
    EPIC FAIL is the only thing i can say!
    I dont think you should pose as workout gurus if you dont even know what muscle group an exrcise targets?!
    1) was biceps, 4) was back and 16) was rear delts? And there were 2 shoulder presses in there? For chest?
    No wonder they do so many push moves, they probably think half of them targets your back
    Anatomy plz xDDD