Friday, March 25, 2016

Pretty Boring Stuff from Zuzka And BR.TV This Week, A New Way to Work The Glutes, A Dig Against Tracy Anderson, The Ultimate BodyWeight Workout

I don't know about you guys, but I was not impressed with Z's Killer Legs Workuts or her Latest 5 minute workout. But that's fine. Zuzka has been delivering great workouts lately. She's allowed a mediocre week. LOL.

And I just don't get her tippy toe work lately?

I have not gotten anything from BR Plus lately either. Are any of you still members? Are you paying monthly and receiving nothing?

If you want a new way to work out your glutes, look no further than Bret - the glute guy himself - he always delivers!
Give those exercises a try and lmk what you think! I did them this morning in my core class.

I also saw this dig against Tracy Anderson and I found it an interesting read. Now, I have never done one of her workouts (and would never follow her ridiculous 700-1200 calorie a day diet advice - that is unhealthy, just plain wrong and a disservice to her clientele).

I would love to hear your thoughts on this article. I do think Tracy does another disservice to women in general playing to the fears of getting bulky and telling us NOT to lift heavy. REALLY? That's sexist, old fashioned and just plain wrong! Now I can understand if you don't WANT to lift heavy - fine, but telling women they should not because it'll make them bulky is a myth.

BR.TV has put out another plug for their weighted vest:

It shows Lisa doing 70 moves with it on. They had done this same video with Jacqui. I wonder if this is how (affiliates)  BR.TV makes most of their money now as they do not offer workouts like they used to.....

The vest is $100.00 or you can get the same one for under $75.00 HERE.

You can find cheaper variations of it on amazon HERE.

I also saw this yesterday:

Holy SH*T - WOW. What a workout. I would love to learn to be able to do all that! I want it!!!!
I'm like a kid in a candy store with half the stuff I have seen online lately to order. I can't do it ALL. HAHA. And I want to. :) The video looks amazing!!!

And here is what it is all about:

The Bodyweight Athlete program teaches you to perform advanced calisthenic moves, within the context of a highly structured fitness training program. You'll get your daily detailed workouts, all specifically designed to progress in your skills towards what we call the Pinnacle Moves: Muscle Up, Handstand Push Up, Single Arm Push Up, Single Arm Body Row, Pistol Squat, Handstand, L-sit, Human Flag, and Back Lever.. You'll follow a workout plan that tells you exactly what to do, while remaining tailored to your individual skill level through the use of a thorough Assessment protocol.
To keep your body performing optimally, we supplement your training days with recovery days including Mobility, Self Myofasical Release, Core Program, and Breathwork. Your training days aren't limited to just bodyweight training either – you'll get to practice Movement Sequences (even some Animal Flow), and we've even included some loaded training. While this is still primarily a bodyweight training program, we'll teach you how to incorporate kettlebells or dumbbells strategically to improve your bodyweight practice.
Your purchase grants you access to the BWA Member Center, where you can access the program information, instructional videos, and supplemental information. You can stream the videos online or download to your own device. We'll also give you a Workout Log to track your progress through the 33-day long intro phase of the program.
I am drooling over this!


  1. omg that looks amazing ;-)the name itself lol I love weight training and its all thanks to you and Ali Kamenova Yoga another great direction u sent me on ;-) excellent article thanks x

  2. Oh man that looks like a solid program. The progressions look similar to some of the people I follow. I love the inclusion of mobility work and even animal flow! Ahhhhhhhhhh I am soo tempted to get this!

    As for Tracey Anderson... I can't even bring myself to read anything about her, because her claims aren't based on evidence at all. She's a dimwitted. I remember the Angry Trainer writing a few articles on her. One of her biggest things is 'targeting those smaller muscles' instead of your prime movers, so you don't get bulky. And ultimately, you get stronger somehow? And then there's the calorie deficit and no weights over 5lbs or some nonsense. She's an idiot.

    1. I'm not a fan of Tracy either - I think she is damaging to women.
      The GBW training program looks so tempting to me too!

  3. Hopefully, today's BlackDiamond is much better. I did not like the killer legs, but the 5 minute can be use as a nice abs finisher. I saw the Bodyweight Athlete program and I am really interested. Please, you and/or Laura share your thoughts on it if you end up buying it. He posted a coupon code in his FB page SKILLZ but it is only $15 off.

    1. The Black Diamond was OK - I like the chin ups and the hanging leg raises, but too much ab work I thought.
      I will most likely get the BW Athlete, but in a few weeks. I just finished a 12 week program and I am following a 4 week in between one right now, and when I finish I will get this program or I will join Bret's Get Strong Program. I haven't decided yet. I also like Onnit's On Demand Program. SH*T. I wish I could sit home and workout all day. LOL. Thanks for the heads up on the coupon.

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