Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Latest From Zuzka And The Latest From The Daily HIIT Show From BodyRock.TV

Zuzka has been killing it with her workouts lately.
The latest 5 min workout was another ab one, and I get tired of ab workouts honestly, but I liked her swiss ball ab move. I gotta try it! I like flying burpees too. I HATE ab splitters - they bother my lower back.

Her Power Yoga was up a notch this week - I like her higher intensity yoga work.
Her latest Cardio Shred was AWESOME! Lots of push, pull, abs, legs, cardio. Loved it - here it is:

Workout Breakdown
15 min AMRAP
1. Pull Up (x1) / hanging Leg Lift to the top (x2) / Walk out Push Up to Jump Up (x3) x 6 sets
* You can do 2 plank rows with dumbbells to 2 knee tucks and then the walk out push up with either jump or overhead press for low impact modification
2. Double unders x 5 / Jump Lunge x 10  x 4 sets
*For low impact modification grab your dumbbells and do fast 5 squat and 10 backward lunges alternating legs. If you can jump but have trouble with DBUs, then just do a high jump instead of a double under.
3. Hanging Knee raises (straight up not criss cross) x 10
4. One arm push up (x2) / Mountain Climbers (x10) x 2 sets

I think that the Daily HIIT Show with Jacqui would be more watched and utilized by BR'ers if they advertised it and hyped it up as much as they did with HIIT MAX. I think it deserves more recognition because they are pretty damn good little workouts! 
I'm more of a strength girl than HIIT, but these still look like fun and Jacqui rocks. I like her bubbly personality and her more subtle look. She is not half naked in her workouts! 

Here is one of her latest routines: 

Today's moves:
1. Slider Push-up
2. Ski Hop + Repeater Knees (R)
3. Tricep Kickbacks + Push-up
4. Ski Hop + Repeater Knees (L)
5. Lunge and Squat + Press

PLUS a Burnout! Click to get it done!

(image removed per FREDDY)

The slider push ups look hard - I want to try these too. :) 


  1. I truly can't thank you enough for your kind words! Don't be too harsh when you see episode 10 though - I'll admit right now my curls are quite sloppy, I was dying at the time lol. But in all seriousness, I honestly appreciate your awesome reviews of my workouts up to this point! I look forward to your future critiques!

    Take Care!!

    1. Sure thing Jacqui! :)
      I would love to see some strength work with you.
      I think it would be great for you to do workouts that have a strength component at the beginning (focusing on squats one day, push ups, the next, dips, deadlifts, lunges, rows, etc), a HIIT in the middle and a burn out at the end.
      Each week we could see if we got stronger at our strength move.
      I think you would be great at it!