Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lifted Butt #17 with Zuzka and There IS an Advanced Challenge Coming from BR.TV

Zuzka's latest Lifted Butt workout has been posted:

Workout Breakdown
Time Challenge
1. Wide Legged Hip raises with power band x 30
2. Kettlebell swing x 20 with the beast (30-40 with the normal)
3. Laying side leg lifts with power band x 20 / 20
4. Kettlebell Swing x 20 with the beast (30-40 with the normal)
5. Clams with power band x 20/20
6. Kettlebell Swing x 20 with the beast (30-40 with the normal)
3 rounds
She mentions that this workout is not as intense, but instead really targets the glutes....so get ready for a booty burn.
I tried Zuzka's stability ball mountain climbers this morning - very unsuccessfully. It was comical. I thought about recording it for you guys because it was so funny. I could NOT keep my balance on the ball - I kept falling off. I will try it again with sneakers on instead (as Z does)  of bare feet to see if it helps at all. My abs got a better workout from laughing! 
WELL, Lisa mentions that she is off to work on the Advanced Challenge, so looks like that is coming our way - I just do not know when. I wonder if Edith or Jacqui will take part in these workouts? 
(image removed per Freddy)

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