Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thoughts on Zuzka's Bunny Slope Workouts and 70 Weighted Vest Moves With Jacqui

I have not really paid much attention to Zuzka's Bunny slope workouts because they are for beginners. She made a comment the other day that more advanced people could use these more as an active rest day. Do any of you do that?
My thought is you could use these workouts as strength ones (obviously adding weight) instead of HIIT.
For instance, today she posted this beginner workout:

Workout Breakdown
1. Side to Side squat with heel raise x 10 alternating
2. Side lunge bent over row x 10 alternating
3. Plank knee tuck push up x 10 alternating legs
4. Reverse squats x 10
5. Rocky Sit Ups x 10
Now you could do all of these exercises with heavier weights and do 4 rounds to make it more of a strength routine. The workout design is a good one - I like the combo of push, pull, legs and abs. 

On Jacqui's FB page she has a video of 70 Weighted Vest Moves. Ouch! I think most of those moves would be hard enough without a vest! LOL. But she is one tough lady. :) 

I think BR.TV is having a special on the vest right now? I know you can get it HERE and HERE cheaper than BR sells it for, but I'm not sure what special they have right now if one at all. 
Who uses the vest? I'd love to hear more about it! 

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  1. I do! But I use 8 to 10 pounds dumbells and I do the advanced version of the push-up. Today's was a pretty good one, I love it