Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Last Day of BR.TV's Intermediate Bootcamp and Zuzka's Latest Power Yoga?

Well the last day of BR.TV's Intermediate Series was with both Lisa and Edith.
It was actually a little corny, was it not?

At first Lisa seemed standoffish, then she got into it. She asked about a couple of the exercises - like this? on your knees? It seemed as if they didn't practice it together at all. Edith had to flip through look at her notes like she didn't remember what came next.

Then they seemed to both relax a bit and have some fun.

The workout was OK. I liked the step variation of the jumping lunges, and the mountain climbers with the push-ups are a pretty typical move for them as was the hip dip planks. The balancing front kick back kick was a new one and I'd have to try it to see if I would like it. Seemed a little weird, but definitely a good challenge for balance. and a needed skill most of ignore practicing.

Zuzka's latest PowerYoga is NOT posted this morning?! She typically posts the night before? I was gonna do some yoga this morning. I like her older ones better anyways, but I do like to see what she is up to with her yoga moves as I often find them inspiring or something to include in my own practice.

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!!!!!


  1. I liked how they wanted to end in some special way, but it was kind of a flop :/ I wish they did the entire last week together or the last workout each week together - they could have made it 12 individual moves, then they go back and forth picking their favorite moves to make one workout of 12 minutes, which is less repetitative to do several times, and which has the best of both trainers. They could ping pong it, change every week who lead the other, using each other like the elevate workouts, something, where putting the 2 together doesnt seem like an afterthought. Hope they think about it before the advanced challenge

    1. I am curious about the advanced challenge myself. Like I said before, I think it will be 50/10 and 16 minutes long, and no push-ups, planks done on the knees....
      But like you said before, they need something new besides timed intervals.

    2. I think you are right about the format - a shame they dont dare to take a risk, I think it would be way easier to compete with Z, Sara Solomon, Onnit and other pages offering different spins on high intensity workouts. Their main workouts are free and that is a plus in it self, but imagine how powerful it would be to have a more mixed program and a weekly schedule utilizing old and new workouts! I think they miss Melissa - her workouts are awesome, difficult and VERY varied