Saturday, February 13, 2016

BR.TV Intermediate Bootcamp Week 4 Day 4 With Lisa, Zuzka's Latest 5 Min Workout and BodyCrush Workout

Well I have to say I liked all 3 routines!

Lisa gave us a good workout with her Day 4. It was lateral jumps onto a step, elevated deadlifts,  burpee into a row, and a sandbag drag.
Love the combo of exercises! I really liked that the pull exercises for once were dominant instead of pushing. Actually this series has included a lot of pulling exercises - finally!
I would change up Lisa's routine a little bit for ME - I would do one legged jumps onto the step, keep the elevated deadlifts, but just do more weight, add a push up to the burpee into a row, and use a Kettlebell instead of a sandbag for the ab exercise. (I don't have a sandbag).
But this is also what I like about many of BR's and Zuzka's routines - you can get a goood idea for a workout and then change it up to meet your own needs/wants/level.

Lisa did mention here that an advanced series was coming next. My question is WHEN?

(image removed per Freddy)

Yesterday Zuzka gave us another one of her free 5 minute workouts. I did this one yesterday as a cash out and I enjoyed it. I was able to keep pace with Zuzka - probably because she had to stop twice to tie her shoes - LOL.

5 minute AMRAP
1. Jump Tuck x 5
*an easier modification would be jump squat and low impact would be weighted squat
2. Criss Cross Commando Push Ups x 4
*an easier modification would be plank criss cross knee tucks (no push ups)
3. Plank jump to squat (x2) Knee hugs (x2) x 4

The knee hugs are actually the hardest for me because of my long legs. They can often bother my lower back when done quickly. I have to do these slowly and REALLY squeeze my hips and ribs together, so I did modify these by pulling in one leg instead of 2. I didn't want to have back pain for the rest of the day. I often do that exercise in my own Core class that I teach, but at a slower and more controlled pace. 

BodyCrush #27 was live this morning:
Workout Breakdown
1. Jump Lunge x 20
* low impact modification – step ups on a chair
2. Handstand Push Up x 5
*easier modification – pike press
3. Surrender Squat Side Kick x 10/10
4. Twister Push Up x 10
*easier modification is a regular push up
5. Step Ups 20/20
6. Hip Raises x 20 + 20 at the top
12 Minute AMRAP – try to complete 2 full rounds

I liked this workout a lot too. I would want more than 2 rounds, maybe 3-5, but probably only 3 of the high step ups. Those would KILL me - even with long legs. Even harder than the HSPU - for my body.... Again, I'd have to be careful of the step ups causing me back pain (sucks getting old LOL!), but hey, some exercise is always better than no exercise, no excuses, keep pushing, keep going til I drop! 
Some of you probably would think - ugh, those push-ups would kill me, or the HSPU, or the surrender squat, etc. It's funny how we all have our things that are harder for our own bodies. 
I would also add pull-ups to this routine to make it more of a full body workout. I also prefer hip thrusters or elevated hip raises to ones done directly on the floor. I don't really feel it in my glutes much the way Zuzka does it - I think I just need a larger range of motion to accommodate my leg length.
I also feel like Zuzka has been killing it with tasty recipes lately - even though they are higher in fat. Those hazelnut protein pancakes looking delicious! 
I SWEAR I am going to buy stuff next weekend to make some of her recipes. I work a lot and schelp my kids back and forth to school and their activities, so I never have enough time to just cook. I know a lot of people take a Sunday for example, but I work all day Sundays. I should do it on Saturdays, but that is shopping, cleaning, laundry and take my kids God knows where day, so not enough time! 
I gotta figure it out and start trying some new recipes. I would love it if Zuzka AND BR.TV would do some recipes for busy moms!!!! HINT, HINT. 
You know, if I had Zuzka's body, I would show it off too, but it makes me nuts when she pulls her shirt up. Just wear a half shirt or sports bra! I'm not a fan of this look, and she has been doing it for years. 
I have been working on my own 6 pack. I'm not sure that I will ever get there, but I will get better abs as I go along. I have the HARDEST time putting on muscle. I've been experimenting with diets, so we will see. It's funny - we have seen Zuzka experiment with various diets and workout routines - and she always looks just about the same - always with 6 pack abs. Even when she took than 2 month hiatus when she first left BR, she still had visible abs. Just goes to show you how much genetics also comes into play. 
She works out hard and has an impeccable diet, so she deserves her abs, but her genetics are also spot-on.
It's funny, when people see my crank out pull-ups or deadlifts or handstand push-ups at the gym, I almost always get comments because my body does not look like it can do that. Now, I'm not going to knock my own body. I'm lucky genetically blessed by being thin, and I'll take it and I'll admit it. 
I'm also blessed that I can work at getting strong! I feel so empowered. 
I have played around with diets - putting on and taking off about 7 lbs. Here is what I have noticed:
with the weight on, my face, butt and boobs look WAY better. 
with the weight off, my shoulders and abs look much better and I have less cellulite.
Now the trick it to get somewhere in the middle - to put on muscle, but not fat. It is not easy for my body type. 
And it's a funny thing about my abs - they are more defined at a lesser weight, BUT the skin is also looser. I've had 2 kids, so my belly skin DID get stretched out and it shows MORE even though the abs are more defined. With the weight on, my abs aren't as defined, but there's no loose skin. God we women are never happy - right?!?!?! 
I'll tell you I AM happy I have the motivation to workout and I am pleased with my strength. I keep at it. Things like pistols, one arm push-ups, etc, motivate and inspire me. I thank both Zuzka and BR.TV for their work - even if I pick on them. We keep coming back for more - and make them rich. LOL/ :) 
Off to workout now. Happy Saturday everyone!

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