Thursday, February 11, 2016

BR.TV Intermediate Workout Week 4, Day 3 with Edith, and Ali Kamenova's Workouts

Day 3 is with Edith! This is a great cash out cardio workout - IMO. Lots of jumping, one strength exercise and one core one. I like the superman one done after the 3 high intensity exercises as it allows you to catch your breath and then go full out again.

Sumo burpees (more burpees!), in out jumps on the step, rows, and supermans - all with the vest on.

(image removed per Freddy)

This series is coming to an end this week. I wonder how long we will have to wait for another new BR.TV series to come out? They seem to take long breaks between their workout series these days.
I miss it when they simply used to post new workouts each week.
I love how Zuzka has a predictable schedule each week. I would prefer her new workouts on Mondays and Thursdays rather than Tuesdays and Saturdays though.....

I know a few of you follow Ali Kamenova. She has some GREAT yoga workouts as well as some interval workouts. I got a new one emailed to me today - a burpee workout of all things. HA.

But she has a GREAT little 15 minunte fat blaster that is HARD. Give it a try. If you are short on time, I love this workout:
She combines yoga and jumping and core work in this workout. LOVE it! And it's quite challenging - IMO.
Give it a try - maybe mix it up with one of Zuzka's or BR.TV's workouts for a bit of a longer routine and lmk what you think!

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