Wednesday, February 10, 2016

BR.TV Intermediate Bootcamp, Week 4 Day 2, An Awesome At Home Program That I Just Discovered

So day 2 of week 4 is with Lisa and it is one of my favorites so far of the intermediate program.
The squat pulses with a vest and with a sandbag would be torture. They are hard enough without any extra weight! I like the plank taps, the one arm press lunges and even competition burpees - though they are overdone by both BR and Zuzka - IMO.
I do wish Lisa would go lower in her squats and keep her chest up higher. She has long legs, so I personally get her struggle with squats, but I think she can improve her form here too.
Doesn't it look like she is leaning too far forward and her legs should get closer to parallel - or at least I think so.
But again, I liked this routine a lot.

(image removed per Freddy)

Lisa hasn't seemed her usually peppy self in this series either? Or is it just me? Maybe in the burnouts etc she is. I don't have access to that stuff and it is not part of the Plus program. It is an entirely separate program. Are any of you paying for the Plus AND the extras of the intermediate program?
I'd love to know what you think.

Secondly, I found this awesome workout series. The first 4 weeks is free, then you can pay for more if you want to. I am following a 12 week program right now (one week 7) and I want to finish it. But I am seriously considering doing this when I am done.

There is a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Program offered here:

Again, after the 4 weeks is up, they have an online training program that is $24 a month:

No affiliates here - just passing the word along!

I was doing my getglutes,com and have been for 2 years. I was lucky enough that I jumped on their lifetime program 2 years ago so I am not paying a monthly fee.  Since my getglutes isn't going anywhere, I am changing it up a bit for the next 6 months, and then will go back to it.

Read through the link above and let me know what you think of it - the free program as well as the monthly ondemand program. I always love to hear people's thoughts!


  1. The program from Onnit looks great - I am actually often checking out their page.
    I am sticking with my 3 days of Zuzka doubles as is/3 days of strength modified and longer Zuzka workouts - It seems to work for me :)
    I actually tried Lisa's workout today and it was killer, however I feel like Z's are way more athletic, geared towards improving conditioning AND strength and way easier to track (the tracker on her page is great too)
    Bodyrock's workouts seem much more random. And they are so much of the same: Zuzana and Melissa often do rep challenges, time challenges, HIIT intervals, AMRAPS, pyramids and other stuff - Bodyrock ONLY do times intervals, and I find it makes their workouts very, very repetitive! I think they should concider adding more variations into their high intensity workouts - It would at least make be look twice :)

    1. Good point Caroline. I wish they would vary it too. But I think they are trying to stick with a certain target audience right now - more of a beginner type, and variety would probably throw them off. At least that's my point of view on what they are doing.
      I like how Zuzka mixes it up- sometimes too much! It is hard to get better at an exercise when you do not regularly practice it.
      For example, she does pull-ups, then they disappear fro her routines for a while.....
      But it works for her!

  2. I just wish that bodyrock would come out w another long series like 40min plus would be really nice. I just keep redueing the real time (I think that's what it's called) and the hiitmax. The new series is to hard to get to and I wear glasses but workout w out them and it just be to complicated for me to try there new series .

    1. Hey CC. I've seen a lot of comments on BR's FB page over time about people re-doing their RTC. It is seems as if people liked that one the most. AND they were longer workouts!!!! I get the feeling that series was not the easiest to film and probably a pain to do again.

  3. Gina,
    I'd love to look at that Onnit page but it's giving me errors. I'll try at home. Anyone else have luck?

    Honestly I think the real time challenge was done BY LISA. I think she did it all herself. It's one continuous shot and in the beginning of some you can tell she switched on the camera. I think this was when her and Freddy split and she was out to make a statement.
    Everyone begs for the longer workouts, but they never appear!

    1. Do you still get errors? I am not on my phone or my PC.

      You are right - lots of folks do ask for longer workouts and they are not appearing. I thought they were working on an advanced series next, but my guess it will be more of the same, but 50 secs on, 10 secs rest and maybe 16 minutes instead of 12.

      Even doing a live workout with a 5 min warm up, 5 min cool down, and 20 min of work (totally 30 min) would do better for a lot of us. You could repeat it twice for an hour workout.

      I didn't realize that RTC was all done by Lisa. I wasn't sure if her and Freddy were a couple or not anymore, but he has made some comments about her and their relationship after the RTC, but who knows, and I personally don't need to know, but an interesting point that you thought she was trying to make a statement.
      If that was the case, she sure did. People keep coming back to the RTC!

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