Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Zuzka's Latest Lifted Butt Series Workout and BR.TV's Latest Intermediate BootCamp Workout

Zuzka has her Lifted Butt Series #15 live this morning.

It looks pretty tough, but it also looks like it is pretty tough on the lower back.
Do love working out with Kettlebell's love. LOVE it.
The DB Prisoner Knee ups would be hard for me. And I like it! :)

Workout Breakdown
1. Bridge x 10 to KB jump squats x 5 x 5 sets
2. One arm swing alt. x 20
3. DB prisoner knee up x 10/10
4. Side step low squat 3×3 x 6 with the Beast
5. KB Swing x 15 Beast
6. Low Squat (x 3 on the blocks) to deadlift (x3 on the blocks) x 6 with Beast
7. Squat pass under backward lunge with KB x 10 alt.
2 rounds for time
Stick to doing 120 kb swings a day with your medium size kettlebell
I am going to pick on Zuzka's form here with the bridging. You should roll up and roll down, not just lift up and down - keep your tailbone tucked to prevent over arching in the low back and keep more tension in the glutes and abs. You can see how when lowering her tailbone touches the ground, but her lower back does not. She should lower her back first, then her tailbone - I hope that makes sense.

I really wish that BR.TV would publish their workout the night before!
But anyways, Week 4, Day 1 with the lovely Edith. 
A fairly basic routine that looked pretty tough on the quads with the 180 jumps and the wall sits.
The wall sits are a good exercise that we have not seen in a while. I liked it.
Freddy mentioned on his FB page that this series is the best they have done so far. What do you guys think?
I bet if you pay for all the extras it is the best one they have done so far - including a warm up, cool down, burn out, and nutrition advice. But as far as the free workouts go I do not know that I would consider this one the best so far. But that's my opinion only. It certainly hasn't been a bad series AT ALL. I like Lisa and Edith and what they have to offer.

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