Sunday, February 14, 2016

Working out to MAX Effort, I did one arm push-ups! Woo-Hoo!

I always see Zuzka saying to get the most of of your workouts you should perform short ones with MAX effort.
And I totally get what she is saying. I was just watching one of her 8 minute workouts where if I REALLY pushed myself and used heavier weights, I would be dying.
I like to use many of her workout as a cash out - and not that I wouldn't be pushing myself to my max, but I would most likely do less reps and use lighter weights at the end of a workout because I would be tired.
You really could get away with doing just her workouts IF you know how to push yourself to the max.
I think that takes several months of working out regularly to really figure out.

I have a couple of problems with this philosophy for me personally. There are certain skills that I like to practice that simply take longer. This is why Zuzka most likely works out more than once a day or practices skills later in the day as she needs recovery time. I need to get my workouts done in one shot - I do not have the luxury of splitting them up with my kids and my schedule.
I also like to work strength like heavy deadlifts, weighted pull-ups, squats, etc, and that in order to work your strength you simply need more rest between sets to keep going and well, get stronger.
My body craves the high from working out and I simply need a longer time to get my full benefit out of it.
I also do not think this is the best way to put on muscle. This is one of my goals. Granted Zuzka has plenty of muscle, but she is genetically gifted in this way - she looks like a body builder/ fitness competitor. How many body builders do you know look the way they do with 20 minutes a day of working out?

But hey, for many people I can see why this would just be enough and no more is needed. I am thinking of doing a Zuzka only experiment after my 12 week program is over and see what happens. I would however not be willing to give up my deadlifts and pull-ups. I've come too far with those!

I also know going to max effort is useful if doing HIIT or as another example - getting a new PR on a lift - but both very different ways of working out.

And I finally got a one arm push-up yesterday. YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!! Only 2 reps each side though. :)

Yes, I am in my kids playroom, in my pajamas, and NO my knees are not on the ground! :) 

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