Saturday, January 30, 2016

Does Zuzka Light REALLY Only Workout for 15-20 Minutes a Day? Body Crush #26, Freelee Criticizes Zuzka's Diet

I have said before in the past that I think Zuzka works out more than just the workouts she posts online. I know some of you agree with me and others have come to her defense and say I am too hard on her.

Well thanks to one of my readers (thank you Lexxie!!!), she made a good point about something that Zuzka posted recently....

Did any of you see the video Zuzka posted about her diet? Here is the YouTube link:

She also followed it up with a comment stating this:

"I workout every day but only for 15 to 20 minutes. I do mostly high intensity workouts. What I do now are bodyweight circuits, jump rope workouts, kettlebell workouts, and everything between. I don't do any extra workouts or extra cardio or strength training or anything that I don't film". 

So according to Z, she doesn't workout anymore than she films. Really? So she can do fancy foot work jump rope, commando pull-ups, kipping burpees, one arm push ups, handstand push ups without ever doing anything else on her own? Sorry, but I don't buy it. These are HARD moves that take time to learn. Granted Zuzka can learn most of these things faster than most of us - she responded to me once about pistols telling me it took her TWO days to learn them.
Are we also supposed to believe that she learned the rest of those complex exercises WHILE filming? Or it just a few minutes prior to filming? Hmmmm......

Now Zuzka makes money off of saying or at least strongly implying that we can look like her (or WAY better than we do now) by working out under 20 minutes a day and following her diet.
I agree that one CAN look way better by following Z. I do not however think that one can actually look like her unless they have her genetics. She is a freak of nature and if she wasn't, she wouldn't be famous. I think it takes people significantly more time to learn pistols than 2 days. I think a lot of women struggle with push-ups, let alone pull-ups. I can do both, and it took work!!!
Kipping burpees, double-unders, handstands and handstand push-ups also take people more time to learn than 20 minutes a day. But that is the way I see it.
I compare Z to a professional athlete in some ways. Not all of us can be professional athletes - they are gifted right outa the womb, hence why they are famous.
Most people also cannot sustain a diet like Zuzka either. It is high in fat, low in carbs, and not very 'user-friendly' - IMO.  She does say that other than her workouts, she is quite sedentary, so perhaps she just doesn't have a huge appetite. Or perhaps she is one of those people that does not mind being hungry or it doesn't affect her like it does others. I for one, HATE being hungry.

I've always been a little surprised that Freddy never came out and said that Z does workout a lot more than she says. I thought he might give her a little dig by coming out and saying something like that, but then again it could make BR.TV look bad as they also try and promote short workouts.

I've always appreciated the fact that Lisa has come out and said that she DOES workout more than their 12 minute routines a day.

I think Z most likely spends additional time each day practicing her fancy footwork or fancy moves or strength work as well as some yoga. She has been advocating 2 workouts a day lately - one in the morning and one at night, so perhaps she is doing that herself a lot lately.

Anyways, Zuzka posted her latest Body Crush #26 workout. It is definitely a good one. It needs a pulling exercise to balance it out a bit IMO. but I'm dying to try the reverse plank flip to front kick.

Workout Breakdown
1. Ankle Crossed Push Ups to side knee tucks x 10
2. Jump Lunge x 20
3. Reverse plank flip over to front kick x 10
4. Jump Lunge x 20
5. Twister Push Ups x 10
6. Jump Lunge x20
Freelee The Banana Girl also went to TOWN picking apart Zuzka's diet (thanks again Lexxie). I can understand that not everyone likes Z's diet, but good God this woman really went OFF.
I can also understand that someone thinks eating meat is cruel, and that eating to be safe to our environment is very important. I get that. But she was overly critical IMO, but then again this is the kind of stuff that gets this woman ratings. Here I am posting about it! 
Freelee even went to show STATS that Z is not as popular as she is. Ouch! Necessary? She also challenged Z to post her blood test results. I'm not a DR, but I do not think that Z's blood test would have any out of the ordinary findings. 
Clearly what Z does is working for her, and what Freelee does works for her own body. We all need to figure out what works for our own bodies. Some of us do much better on high carb than high fat and vice versa. Regardless, eating whole real foods will always be the best. Filling up on high carb or high fat chemical foods isn't good for the body or the environment. 


  1. Zuzka might train more than 15-20 min a day sometimes but I'm pretty sure she does not to that too often. She runs a big business and compared to Lisa (for example) she cannot spend hours and the gym or on social media.
    I agree with you whe you compare her to an athele. I think Z can rapidly catch some advanced moves.

  2. I never ever heard Zuzka saying that we can look like HER if we followed her workouts or diet. I don't know where you heard that but I'm following her for years and I nerver heard it this way. She is saying that we can look our best doing what she does but not like her!!

  3. One of the advantages of low carb and keto diets is an extreme reduction in appetite. When you are fat adapted your body can run off fat and your brain can feel alert off ketones for long periods without eating and you just don't get hungry the same way as you do when you eat a higher carb diet. Granted it takes a long time to become fat adapted and you feel fatigued and foggy until your body builds up the enzymes it needs to run off just fat efficiently. But, Zuzka isn't just lucky that she has a small appetite, it's a direct effect of the way she eats.

    1. Yes, I can see that. But she's been like that regardless of what diet she was on - she was vegetarian twice, and also did the whole cheat day thing among other diet experiments. She's never had a large daily diet - ever. And I for one run FAR better off carbs. I'm an ectomorph, NEVER sit still, work out a lot, chase after 2 kids, etc, etc. To each their own!
      But what Zuzka does works for her and works very well. She looks great.

  4. Freelee also literally does not believe protein is a thing that exists. She's insane.

  5. Freelee is a moron. Most young, fit, healthy people will have unremarkable blood results unless they have an underlying medical condition.

  6. I don't feel Zuzka is lying to us. She practised the handstand, the arm balance, the snatch, etc and mentioned it. She also said at some point that she did a pull up before going to the bathroom (where her pull up bar was...), we saw her cycling with Jesse in LA and roller-blading...Also, I can see results in my muscle definition eventhough my diet is very different from hers (classic carb/veg/meat-normal-big portion sizes) and I lift lighter weights so I do believe that she can achieve those results by doing her routine and eating so little...

    1. I don't think she is necessarily lying to us because like you said - she admits that she practices this other stuff. I just find it weird that she then commented that she does not work out more than she films, well, when clearly she does!

  7. I highly doubt that she works out just 15-20 min per day, but I will say that when I push to my max during her workouts, I wouldnt be able to do any more "real" working out (like in workout clothes just right after) - pull ups in the bath room and handstand practice before bed, I would be able to though. Just did her Body Crush 20X (I did it in 19.08, she did it in over 25) and I am DEAD!

    1. Good point, her workouts are hard most of the time. I would be avle to add exercises to her routines depending on what they were. For instance I would most likely be able to add handstands and pull-ups to her Lifted Butt series as it is all leg work and no upper body work....

      And email me when you get a chance. I have a link for you!